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  1. Summer.Haze

    Last show you watched

    Downton Abbey Vikings Poldark Dr. Thorne Rome
  2. Hey, Happy Birthday! Hope it's been a good one!

  3. Howdy do, everyone?

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    2. Summer.Haze


      Bracing myself for winter! lol How about you?

    3. cubster


      Getting ready to go home and face the heat of summer lol

    4. Summer.Haze
  4. Summer.Haze

    Last film you watched?

    Sicario. I didn't like how they portrayed the woman in the movie. Just reinforcing typical stereotypes.
  5. Summer.Haze

    Solar Eclipse 2017

    Lol, to clarify, I was just describing it as I saw it through the glasses. The moon looked like a shadow.
  6. Summer.Haze

    Solar Eclipse 2017

    I looked without the glasses. :/ Then I borrowed someone's solar eclipse glasses, and it looked so cool!! You see this orange thing behind the shadow of the moon!
  7. Summer.Haze

    The Investments Thread

    Likeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Lol
  8. Summer.Haze

    Cubster's Eating Records

    The midsection is bound to get bigger if you don't exercise on a regular basis. It could be something as basic as walking for 1-2 miles per day. Given desi genetics, I think that's our biggest problem. We don't move around and our midsection just gets bigger and bigger.
  9. Good topic! I think it goes back to the idea of getting what we feel we 'deserve.' Like I wouldn't personally be able to grasp why significantly bad things happen to genuinely good people. But that's something I'll never understand because I am not the one causing these things to happen and they're pretty much out of my control. There are people who have treated me bad and I personally did nothing to deserve that kind of evil treatment, so when bad things happen to these people, I don't take any particular joy in it, but it certainly doesn't surprise me that bad things are happening in their life. I personally feel if they could just even have the courage to apologize or show remorse, there wouldn't be as much bad things happening to them. That's just my theory. I guess we just associate good with good and bad with bad, especially if it's something personal to us. Kind of a tangent but even a word like 'deserve' gets complicated. Like we are born into any particular situation, without our choice, and some traits are inherent. So I've noticed, some people can just naturally be a good person, they don't have to try or work as hard as others. So how did they 'deserve' good things if they were given those traits of a good person? And same goes for people with predominately negative traits. Or even the environmental factors that led them to be a bad person, how did they 'deserve' any of it?
  10. Summer.Haze

    Cubster's Eating Records

    It says here cheese can add to belly fat. http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/can-cheese-give-belly-fat-11361.html But I love cheese so much! That's practically most of my food. I think walking at least 30 minutes a day would help if you eat a lot of carb filled foods.
  11. As per the MM troll, I can now buy a PhD!! xD

  12. Summer.Haze


    Salaam Salmah! Welcome back. What's new since 2008? lol
  13. Summer.Haze

    What's new

    Unfortunately I'm not doing anything amazing or out of this world. (No news of marriage, bet you're glad to hear that, so am I! haha) What have you been busy with this summer? I've gone to a few parks nearby but that's about it. Looking forward to going to Niagara Falls hopefully at least once this summer. Nothing quite like the feeling of standing beneath a waterfall on a warm summer day.
  14. Happy birthday Sal!!