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  1. Summer.Haze

    Last show you watched

    Lol yeah, she's a bit weird. I thought it was pretty good, I enjoyed it. What ever happened to Meredith and Nathan? I'm a bit confused about that. Did Nathan get back with Owen's sister?
  2. Summer.Haze

    Listening to...

    Heard this after so longggg lol
  3. Summer.Haze

    Last show you watched

    Hand of God Sneaky Pete Bosch Forever watching Dateline Mysteries and 48 Hours lol Currently watching The Expanse.
  4. Summer.Haze

    Root Canal treatment :(

    No, I didn't get the crown lol. I don't use this tooth as much and when I do I bite very lightly. If I overuse it I know it's going to crack. Yeah the tooth still feels sore and sometimes it feels like a fake tooth, ready to come off at any moment lol.Yep, I have to go to the dentist soon! So what's the status of your tooth? Did the dentist say you don't need a root canal after all?
  5. Summer.Haze

    What are you reading?

    "Big Driver" in Full Dark, No Stars
  6. Summer.Haze

    Root Canal treatment :(

    I was posting about this just months ago lol. I was trying to avoid doing a root canal for almost a year. When I finally made an appointment, I panicked and changed my mind at the appointment. Bad idea.They insisted I go before the cavity reaches my nerves because then it will start to hurt. Eventually it did, and the pain was awful, which is when I knew I had no choice but to do it. If you go to a good dentist (check their reviews online) it should be a painless experience, aside from, as Haku mentioned, the initial pinch from the syringe they use to numb the area. The area around your tooth will probably feel sore too. If the dentist is telling you with a certainty that you need a root canal, then yes you'll need one. You don't want to wait til a cavity gets worse. On a tangent note: The part that I was confused about was the crown, but I guess it's because I didn't do my research on it, and some doctors don't bother to explain exactly what they will do until the day of. After my root canal, I had a follow up appointment for a crown (molding the tooth), and another appointment to place the crown, and at that appointment I asked my dentist what she's planning to do. She says I'm going to shave off the majority of your tooth and place the crown (the molded shape of my original tooth) onto the filling. I was mortified by what she just said lol. I said 'but I feel like my tooth is sturdy.' She said it's hollow on the inside. I asked if people have done root canals without getting a crown, she said yes, that's a possibility (yeah, she tells me AFTER I ask!) but there are risks, such as chipping of the tooth, etc. I said well I'd like to keep my tooth today, and see what happens from there, thanks! I said I'll just avoid biting with that particular tooth lol. As of today (it's been a few months since the root canal) my tooth does feel sore, but it's ok so far. So, which tooth has the cavity? Mine was the first premolar.
  7. Summer.Haze

    Midori here

    Salam, hi there Midori! I'm an ENFP. Must be quite the opposite of you lol. Well this forum is what Haku said, and also a place to tell stories!!! So tell us all about yourself! Or any other story for that matter.
  8. Summer.Haze

    Last show you watched

    Downton Abbey Vikings Poldark Dr. Thorne Rome
  9. Hey, Happy Birthday! Hope it's been a good one!

  10. Howdy do, everyone?

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    2. Summer.Haze


      Bracing myself for winter! lol How about you?

    3. cubster


      Getting ready to go home and face the heat of summer lol

    4. Summer.Haze
  11. Summer.Haze

    Last film you watched?

    Sicario. I didn't like how they portrayed the woman in the movie. Just reinforcing typical stereotypes.
  12. Summer.Haze

    Solar Eclipse 2017

    Lol, to clarify, I was just describing it as I saw it through the glasses. The moon looked like a shadow.
  13. Summer.Haze

    Solar Eclipse 2017

    I looked without the glasses. :/ Then I borrowed someone's solar eclipse glasses, and it looked so cool!! You see this orange thing behind the shadow of the moon!
  14. Summer.Haze

    The Investments Thread

    Likeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Lol