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  1. Happy belated birthday!! πŸ˜€πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

    1. Mufasa


      Thank you thank you! I hope you are well!

  2. Lmaoο»Ώ I kinda wanted to tell them umm we're just playing for a fun y'know...the funniest part was when one of them taught us the absolute baby version, standing literally right near the wall. He even clarified that this is the version that allows us to stay in one place and not have to exert too much physiο»Ώcal effort, like we're 80 years old. πŸ˜‚ Let me know when you're in town again, next is bο»Ώadmintoο»Ώn!ο»Ώ
  3. GR and his eccentric posts lol.
  4. I feel like watching anything that's not predictable lol. I like those Victorian type drama shows on Amazon, and crime/drama/psychological thriller type of shows. The most recent show I watched is The Handmaid's Tale, definitely a storyline I haven't heard before.
  5. Met up with oxy this weekend! I introduced her to the 'sport' of handball lol. She got the hang of it pretty quickly. We probably should've brought gloves though... I believe I've completed my exercise for the year.
  6. Any recommendations for TV shows? I think I need a break from crime documentaries...
  7. Ordered Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, excited to read it!!
  8. I'm not too sure what type of music that is but I'm not too much of a fan. The beat is nice I suppose but the singing is a bit abrupt for me. I like a little more drawn out singing. I agree that Bollywood has it's fair share of corny and bad music. However, I actually like Bollywood songs, I think moreso because the language appeals to me, and word play is sometimes* clever and poetic. And I associate the music with the beautiful scenery and clothing in the music videos.
  9. The music from that^ reminded me of the music from this song lol
  10. Caught up with Grey's Anatomy...
  11. Us. It was a good movie, but I feel like Jordan put in a LOT of metaphors into one movie.
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