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  1. Happy Birthday Uncle Owen!

  2. Happy birthday sweet Abdul Rahman :flower:

    1. Breeze


      Happy bday uncle!

  3. The voltage thing is true, but we have electric kettles that are good for our voltage.
  4. Yes. A lot. Everything really is riding on faith or doubt. It's your choice. It's gonna ride regardless.
  5. faith faith faith faith. Faith makes me happy.
  6. See the problem, like Haku says, is supposedly complicated and layered. That's the form of their argument. The lines of thought are basically asking for scientific proof. As if Allah(swt) were an inanimate object. Finding proof to be discovered, examined, controlled. How can we possibly answer that? Out of our grasp, Allah will always be. The marketplace is a powerful force. All of the characters you've mentioned, and the attributes we assume they have come from slick and ubiquitous marketing campaigns beginning from the 1800's and continuing until now. Popular fiction and popular mythology
  7. You're speaking about the fundamental atheist argument. It's not an argument that can be won. There is no proof. What we have that they do not is faith. Faith. Faith. Faith.
  8. We have kettles. They go on the stove top. You're talking about electric kettles?
  9. Coffee. We have coffee pots. All kinds. I boil water in the microwave cause it's fast, cheap, ubiquitous and all. Isn't "desi" tea like anyone elses?
  10. You mean the high afterward when I double skipped into the wall, over the end table, then flat on my back spirituality? Or the steam engine sound of my breathing after two minutes spirituality? Those guys are in shape and have no inner ear bones.
  11. I'm spinin', brother, I'm spinin'.
  12. Is there any Islamic lands in East Africa? Tanzania or Mozambique?
  13. No. I'm changing soon. It's just fun to watch my money grow for once. Lol
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