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  1. Lol I agree, I was reading this article about Minimum wage study in Seattle and tried to look up if there's anything on MM. WOW...was I wrong to do it? Nothing they said here made any sense.
  2. limitofx

    Insomnia: Causes, Precautions, and Solution

    In Sha Allah I will try to do something to get this fixed.
  3. limitofx

    Insomnia: Causes, Precautions, and Solution

    wow...I was searching for solution for this here and found this post from 3 yrs ago and ofc it was posted by me. Still sleepless.
  4. limitofx

    What do you want out of a lecture/lecturer?

    To check my pulse to see if I still alive or bored to death.
  5. What happened to the chat feature?

  6. Forum looks different, lot has changed. 

  7. limitofx

    Relations with Namehram girl.

    dude op..wth man.... http://www.islamicboard.com/advice-support/134340494-relations-namehram-woman.html?highlight=Relations%20Namehram%20girl.#post2913991
  8. limitofx

    DawnTravels Ads

    I havent seen you respond to anyone.
  9. limitofx

    Refined sugar vs fruit sugar

    I am happy i found this post. never knew something as boring as sugarcane can lead to Indians being cheap.
  10. limitofx

    SURVEY- muslim girls

    why would there be a 11 yr old on the forum?
  11. limitofx

    SURVEY- muslim girls

    What if someone is a 47 year old man?
  12. limitofx

    DawnTravels Ads

    Big words and long sentences
  13. limitofx

    DawnTravels Ads

    I don't get this.
  14. It's just gas due to acidity. Try Tums.