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  1. https://discord.gg/fgVN8S9

    Join the Muslim.Chat server if you are on Discord. Tell them I invited you ;)


    1. respecta


      How do I do a status update? forum looks all different 

  2. O.o o.O    0o o0

  3. dude...you should post links to his lectures instead of Just repeating same thing about how and why we should listen to his lectures. Also, what language are those in?
  4. lol..do you want me to sit and read through all of their posts? Couple of others were Fidya. Fidya is compensation or charitable Donation. They are calling it Ransom. Other is Zakat and hajj. They spell it as Zakat and in very next line change it to zakah. For Hajj, they use Hajj and haajj. Stick to one or the other. It's hasten not hassen to cut Jugular vein.
  5. For eg: It's beastliality not bestiality.
  6. You guys need to invest in spellcheck and proof reading your documents.
  7. As long as you don't go around saying"Let's go hunt some murtads", you should be fine. Was a good post then people came along and ruined it. stick to the topic folks.
  8. limitofx

    Hello again

    "That's what she said" I am sorry but couldn't let this go to waste.
  9. This Post is a train-wreck, can't seem to understand what's going on here.
  10. Why were Egyptian elites who died were mummified and not daddified? Wa aliekumus salaam and Welcome
  11. Kala Cheetah is overrated, best part of the movie was tamed Rhinos. They showed it for for 4 mins max. AlFahd Al-Aswad for Non-Urdus here.
  12. I am going ruin it for you with spoilers.
  13. lmao. I watched all four seasons in couple of weeks. They got no subtitles for fifth season out yet. Waiting for them...binging is only thing we do out here....
  14. Sugar Content in specific fruit and its state(whether or not it is easily digested or not) should be considered while consuming it. For Eg Custard Apple is not recommended for diabetics and maybe certain other fruits as well. Everything that comes from Plants/Trees doesn't necessarily mean is healthy.
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