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    Health benefits of reciting the name 'Allah'?

    Awesome Post, Allah's name are of Rest, Mercy Ghafoor O Rahim. Thanks for Spreading Peace and Karam by these Holy Names.
  2. I had Dall Chawal with Green Chilli Pickle
  3. islamiworld


    Thanks For Sharing Awesome Stuff. I appreciate the Struggle made by you:)
  4. islamiworld

    story contest

    Once a great Guy wrote 300 pages Book he wrote at first page khani shiroo and Last page at 300 wrote Khani Khatam.
  5. islamiworld

    Crisis of Marriage Arrangement

    Marriage is Social Agreement and it can be violated, broken or re-written again it is said!!! I am totaly off the road and I think Marriage is Responsibility and best way to watch the life in the Googles of Humanity and Society too. Dear Brother, Solution to this menacce is, Today's Parent are giving their childern "Taleem not Tarbyat" I would focus on making the Tarbyat essential rather Taleem.
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    Yes I am NEW not NOVICE

    Salam to All, I am Ghayoor Abbas SEO Consultant and Marketing Head I have Sign up this Forum so as I may enable myself to know and the basic and advance supplements (DUAS) and Ibadats of Ramadan in this holy month. I am From Pakistan First Muslim Ideological Country in the World Where peace and Tranquility, brotherhood, affection with neighbors and Respect to Elder is Recognition. I want to Make My Worl Islami So, I decided to get this name as Forum User Name. I hope you all will be fine do remember me in your prays.