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  1. Fantasy Football

    It's my weakness, that's why I asked him not to respond, I know I wont be able to help myself
  2. Fantasy Football

    I would make a purchase at Costco where they would take my money to buy alcohol to sell to others
  3. Fantasy Football

    I don't think there's an issue with paying to play blackjack and not getting anything in return. And people are going to gamble no matter what I do. I understand maybe I shouldn't take part in it, but I don't feel like I'm their encouragement
  4. Fantasy Football

    This would be a good idea, but my friends wouldn't be involved because I only have Muslim friends that don't gamble. So I would have to try to find someone online who needed an extra person to join that league and try to pitch him that idea. Worth a try, but unlikely they'll say yes
  5. Fantasy Football

    I don't want an answer, so I don't know why I've convince myself to type this, but in my scenario I'm not risking my money, I'm giving it up without expecting/wanting a return. I would like to use my $20 to pay to join the league and play for fun. I understand what you're saying, and your answer will probably be the same, but idk if you fully understand my point
  6. Fantasy Football

    You understand most of what I was saying, that's progress
  7. Fantasy Football

    I am in a league with all Muslims and we are not playing for money, the problem is they don't take it very seriously, which doesn't make it very competitive. There does not seem to be any permissible way to join a competitive league.
  8. Fantasy Football

    Thank you for your input. A quick follow-up question, I assume your answer would not change if I let everyone keep their money? Or even stating at the beginning if I won I would not take anyone's money?
  9. Fantasy Football

    Poker would be a better example, roulette was the example given, and I was thinking of games of 100% chance, like slot machines. With poker I usually think of a poker house, but sure I would have the same question for poker, although believe the game was made for gambling purposes, but I'm not sure. Same question though. If chips were not worth a certain amount of money, and it was a $20 buy in and the winner gets a set amount if they win, could I pay $20 to play and not accept any winnings or donate that money?
  10. Fantasy Football

    I don't know why you think this, but I highly doubt if a casino was opened where people could donate their money and win nothing that that casino would stay open for very long. People go to a casino to win money, or for the thrill that they could win/lose money. Fantasy football was not made as a gambling game, it's a strategy game. You put together a roster of real players and based on how they play you get points; whoever has the most points wins. You could bet money on this, like you could bet money on anything. What I am saying is can I join a league where I pay $20 to play and treat it as just that, payment to be able to play the game. And IF I were to win any money I would get rid of it. The point of the game is not to win money, it's to play a game. Again, I could understand why this is still prohibited, but it's not the same as walking into a casino imo.
  11. Fantasy Football

    If your argument is that it's still haram that is understandable, but if you are saying both are the same thing you are being silly. Do you understand my reason for asking the question, or do you really think I'm just asking if gambling is permissible as long as I donate the money?
  12. Fantasy Football

    I don't need money to be competitive, everyone else does, no one takes it seriously if money is not on the line. And I know it is technically sports gambling, that's why I would donate any money if I won. The intention is not to gamble, the intention is to play a game
  13. Fantasy Football

    I only play in one league with Muslim friends because it is the only competitive league I can find where gambling is not required. Would it be permissible to pay the buy-in and if I win donate all the money to the mosque? The goal of me buying-in is not to win money, but that way people are more likely to stay competitive and take it seriously
  14. ROLL CALL!

    Yeah, but I don't think his foot is 100% and Sherman is going to be shadowing him I heard. If I were him I'd sit out at least another week to heal up, but he's probably getting a lot of pressure to play
  15. ROLL CALL!

    The unluckiest team this season