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  1. Heineken, taste like pee, but required before family gatherings like thanksgiving.

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    2. Olivejar


      Ew then don't be a sheep and stick to water. Say youre a buddhist that's socially acceptable and avoid drink

    3. Olivejar


      I imagine its more difficult than a asian avoiding a meat samosa

    4. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      What concerns me TA is not your choice of beer, or the necessity with which you claim it's consumption, but your intimate familiarity with the flavor of urine. May i suggest drinking water until all such tastes are removed from your palate?

  2. I have to say that is a well thought out course; however, I have to wonder why the Saudi's do not see the oppression they are causing their own women by disallowing them the right to drive? Which should be more important, freeing people from oppressive regime thinking, or waiting for people to become ready for change?
  3. Thank you, everyone who responded. May God count good deeds for everyone who offered kind words.
  4. If no one has any thoughts on what this could mean that is okay, I still got nothin myself.
  5. I became a Muslim at the end of 2013, can't remember what month. My first reactions to other Muslims were awesome. The community at Fort Hood was very friendly, and inviting. Also, Major Shabazz, the Chaplain, was a wonderful Imam who encouraged us to ask questions when we needed answers. However, I have had other experiences as well. When I attented a Mosque in Oklahoma City while during travel for work, I noticed that no one greeted me, and I got the feeling that I was viewed as an outsider. After prayers I was able to speak with a brother from Algiers for a while, but other than that I got the feeling that I was not really welcome. It was a night and day experience from the community at Fort Hood. Where I live now there is no Mosque. Me, my wife, and my daughter hold the Friday prayer alone.
  6. Thank you, your words, and information from the link did provide useful understanding.
  7. Okay, I don't think it is too far fetched to see a connection between fellow muslims circulating the Kaaba during Hajj and how the stars revolve around the center of our galaxy. Also, as the Kaaba is the focus point in Meeca, one would think that if we look at the galaxy then the galactic center would be a focus point as well. Strange, yes. Do I know what it means, not a clue. Oh, but wait, one more wrench to throw in. It has been theorized that the center of the galaxy is a black hole, but their existence is now in doubt. http://unc.edu/spotlight/rethinking-the-origins-of-the-universe/ Anyone got any thoughts on the symbolism inherent in circulating the Kaaba during Hajj?
  8. Trying to figure out the secrets of the universe, and more importantly, what to do with them.

  9. I consider myself a beginner. Also, of importance to this discussion, we know that Satan can whisper in our minds, but how does one distuinguish their own thoughts from that which is not them?
  10. Thank you, I know God will answer my prayer, He has answered them before. I was having a problem at work, which I prayed about, and the next day people I worked with came out of nowhere and told me how much they appreciate me. Not all of my prayers are answered so quickly, at least to my perception; however, I know God answers them. I do not believe that God is petty, or that He desires blind obediance; however, the whispers in my mind constantly try to generate negative feelings towards God, and I think I am lacking a necessary experience to shut those whispers up for good.
  11. The Muirwood Trilogy begins with "The Wretched of Muirwood" This is an excellent fantasy series. It is also very thought provoking. This series is written by a christian author, and because of religious elements, has gotten a lot of negative reviews by atheists, (the amount of butthurt in the Amazon reviews can almost be physically felt) The story follows the life of a lowborn girl as she discovers not only her true identity, but the essence of the spiritual as well. There is plenty of love (not sex), epic pwning, and plot twists to satisfy any fantasy fan.
  12. Is ISIS even a real group? The reason I ask is because I cannot pin down a source for their magazine that is published by Al Hayt Media. All the news agencies reference this "suppossed" magazine, but there is no where I can find the magazine expect where it is referenced. Also, if you look into the internet archive you will find two seperate magazines which claim to be published by ISIS. One is the magazine referenced by fox news and all Islamaphobes, the other, is completely different in tone and style, and has no reference to Jihad, it does however talk about consumer protection. Makes my brain hurt.
  13. Okay, I am not very good at talking about myself, but I will try. I am an American born and raised. I joined the U.S. army after highschool. I served in Kuwait, Kosovo, and Iraq before retiring due to disability. I became a Muslim after reading the Quran after my last tour. I get treatment for mental health at the VA hospital. I was given medication and informed that my mental problem stems from my military service. They say I am always in a state of "fight or flight," or in other words I am always turned on to respond to threats. I lost my best friend when I chose to report him for beating his wife.
  14. Okay, this is not an easy topic for me to bring up, but I will. Today, God revealed to me something that seems to have always been a part of me, but that I did not notice concsiously. I realized that I was only serving God so that I could survive, i.e. not go to hell. I realized that I don't care about other people, community, society, the world. I realized that I don't care about rules, obligations, or responsibility. I realized that deep down, I hate this life. I can't even say that I know what love is anymore. I have prayed and asked God to help me, I know I need some experience to help me overcome this. I could really use some good advice. Yes, I do have depression, and PTSD.
  15. I think a relevant question would be why we are so focused on whether or not the water touches the skin. The act of ablution focuses on cleanliness. If we have a tattoo on our hands when we wash them, do they not become clean? How then can a tattoo, permanent or not, invalidate ones ablution when a tattoo cannot affect whether or not ones skin is clean or unclean?
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