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  1. hmm, dont i know you?

  2. which is why, you're not a shi'a they believe you can, while we believe its not recommended.... they believe mut'a is halaal and tayyib, while we would consider it to be contractual zinaa
  3. not_you_again


    eyebrow pluckin is crap... and its cool for a woamn to shave her arms and legs because they're not specified in the hadith, she can also deal with the hair on her upper lip, but pluckin eyebrows? big no, no
  4. *still singing nasheed* waylullil murtaddeen, waylullil murataddeen.... irhaabiyoon ana.....
  5. ^i think thats an excellent criterion to use while huntin for your better half
  6. no, i'm serious, i dont care that she's got wrinkles or whatever, she's certainly got more energy than most of these young sisters! lol you've gotta love her man
  7. i would marry yvonne ridley if only she didnt have a daughter my age! lol she's tops brother! she certainly knows her deen.... thanx akhi for the useful info
  8. four wives= four headaches
  9. *singin nasheed* wailullil murtaddeen, wailullil murtaddeen..... irhabiyoon ana.....
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