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  1. go run after him and make him come back like those cheesy movies
  2. ya, the same hurr implies that i agreed with the basketball choice made befroe me
  3. anyone who doesn give respect has no right to be respected
  4. **** i dotn care, it can be a eunuch for all i care, hijade mc
  5. hey, she got on me, i just received the lovin
  6. k, i gotcha u can contact my boy bhattz at BT
  7. bc he called mems and pepsi jerks for leaving MM so i got started with this punk
  8. in hindi, hijade means eunuch. do i need to explain what a eunuch is too? and agian, its hinduballa u illiterate ****
  9. good one, i havent heard that one since third grade. get some original material before u try to beef with me
  10. thtas a shame, ur missing good cinema, give them a rental
  11. amen to that brotha. i say we all need some loving, even u tulu
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