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    Al-Madinah International University

    Listed are links of courses offered http://www.mediu.edu.my/academics/faculty-of-engineering.html http://www.mediu.edu.my/academics/education.html http://www.mediu.edu.my/academics/finance-administrative-sciences.html http://www.mediu.edu.my/academics/information-technology.html http://www.mediu.edu.my/academics/languages.html http://www.mediu.edu.my/academics/faculty-of-islamic-sciences.html etc.
  2. Asalam alaykun, I will like to Introduce to you an Islamic University situated in Malaysia,it is called AL-Madinah International University, it is a University with a modern innovative tool that give benefit of learning to all Muslim across the World, they have A'lim (a reach and Robotic software to access all your conversation with the University, Digital Library, e-learning, they offer both on-campus and on-line mode , so distance is never a problem. The field of study are in Information Technology, engineering, islamiyah with very wide syllabus, Business and Administrative study...... You can learn more about the university at http://www.mediu.edu.my/