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  1. All my life, you stood by me. When no one else was ever behind me.

  2. I must be allergic to cats

    1. Meowkat


      How do you know that you're allergic to cats?

    2. MissJJ


      You just know...just kidding. You get itchy and hayfever like symptoms that can manifest into an infection

    3. Meowkat


      That doesn't sound very good. :(

  3. "Being nice is exhausting, which is why evil people have so much energy."

    1. Mowgli


      If being nice feels like that much of a chore, maybe you're just not a very nice person

    2. Mowgli


      'You' in a general sense, not "you, Miss JJ"!

    3. MissJJ


      Oh. Yeah I was thinking what this quote really meant.

  4. It could be pink eye, conjunctivitis a stye, or a small chazilion. What you can do is that you can use Optrex eye wash and get some eye drops from the pharmacist. They can usually tell. For allergies you will need those drops as they can clear them, or additionally some allergy meds. Use cold water and I know it's uncomfortable for you know, like being blinded in one eye and feeling irritated. But you can also get those irritated eye drops, that clear any dust etc from your eye. It will go away soon, I hate the part where you wake up and it's all dry or sticky.
  5. "You will remember me, for centuries."

  6. MissJJ

    Hello again

    Um I don't remember. But I'm not a regular. Welcome to MM
  7. MissJJ


    So I've heard about you on MM yet I don't know why.
  8. Hi you're online. Any goats yet?

  9. Wrong number is a Pakistani film. Go support and thank me later.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hijab


      Serious? you watch Lollywood?

    3. MissJJ


      No. I went to support for my family's sake. First time

    4. MissJJ


      It's not as superficial as Bollywood. It's a comedy.

  10. I swear I didn't change my display picture. It's linked to my email.

    1. MissJJ
    2. Summer.Haze


      Maybe your account is linked to your email? It must be strange for you but it's ok. You don't have to feel awkward about it. :)

    3. MissJJ


      Thank you, Summer :) phew