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  1. hijabsforher

    Female Competitiveness

    Huge amounts of studies proving women make them stun capacities that men need.
  2. For Make this Ramadan Best For Ever. Being a good Muslim doesn't end with Ramadan.You have time to grow and heal spiritually until your last breath. So Being a Good Muslim. walk with the end goal of paradise in mind and not just the end goal of Ramadan in mind
  3. hijabsforher

    ~~~The Fashion Thread~~~

    we have some latest fashion hijabs plz check it out
  4. hijabsforher

    Flashy hijab fashion

    Firstly niqab "veil" or "mask" also that covers the face as a part of sartorial hijab.It is worn by some Muslim women in public areas, It is a Hanbali Muslim faith tradition.
  5. hijabsforher

    ~~~The Fashion Thread~~~

    If its a Islamic wedding wear muslim traditional dresses if you have any/want to.. or wear something other than wear a modern hijabs dresses.....
  6. hijabsforher

    "Ramadan's coming, and I want to work on..."

    Subhan'Allah I just had this conversation with my friends. I have friends that are trying to quit alcohol and cigarettes, and I am trying to decide between backbiting and cursing. May Allah make it easy for all of us
  7. hijabsforher

    Ramadhan Reflection and Dua's XD

    MashaAllah!!That was nice and very touching...
  8. hijabsforher


    All praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah. Love is the cornerstone of worship. Worship is based on three pillars: love, fear and hope.