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  1. I went there and I didn't really like it. They sell frozen chips and the meat seemed a bit weird tasting, I didn't even finish half of my burger. The customer service is alright, they messed up the order and gave us free chicken wings. I like Red Iron burgers and GBK's chicken is halal. Stax is reaally good too actually.
  2. Honestly, as well as life events, a lot of the time it's been meeting the most amazing people that have made me more Muslim. Ordinary people you wouldn't look twice at on the street, with just crazy extraordinary courage and faith and trust in God and really pure hearts. And they'll never be giving lectures or hosting events, but their knowledge and understanding is just mind-blowing.
  3. Cubster, honestly, the best treatment for people who deal with NPDs is to stay away from them.
  4. I honestly didn't enjoy my childhood (ages 3-16), apart from a few good days, alhamdulillah. One thing I really wanna do is expose my kids (inshaAllah) to all different types of experiences and people, as opposed to forcing them to fit into some mould set by society. And teach them empathy.
  5. http://www.5pillarz.com/2014/08/22/its-all-kicked-off-isis-james-foley-military-intervention-and-tackling-extremism/
  6. Honestly, I haven't really read up much about them, so this may sound ignorant, but how are they different to any other extremist group? Except that they declared khilafah on that bit of land they kind of sort of own. Is the fact that they declared khilafah non-news compared to people they've killed, places of worship they've destroyed etc? And why isn't this in the Politics section?
  7. Complaining to non-Muslims about praying, fasting, everything is haram, if I don't do this I'll go to hell, religious Muslims are all this, everyone's so judgmental, imams are all this etc.
  8. Muslims who complain about Islamic rituals to non-Muslims. Don't project your ignorance, insecurity or low iman onto other people.
  9. Cubby do you know what you're saying in salah? Also, if there's loads of stuff in your head before you pray, take a minute to just be silent and empty your mind and prepare yourself for it.
  10. Yayyy alhamdulillah! Talha Ahsan free and Babar Ahmed free in 7.5 months inshaAllah!!

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    2. Rua


      Alhamdulillah great news!!! But why after 7.5 months?

    3. Hijab


      Al ham dulillaah

    4. Keena


      Rua his sentence was 12.5 years but he's already served a lot of that time.

  11. JazakAllahul khair for this thread! For me I had a bit of a hectic weird couple of weeks before Ramadan, which left things unresolved and not that great, and although I really really didn't want it to overlap into this month and distract me, it kinda has. But now I see that if I can grasp sabr and tawakkul during Ramadan, and just learn to leave it to Allah, it'd be an awesome thing so that's what I'm holding on to. The best Ramadans are definitely the ones that make you change your whole perspective on life.
  12. I had a bit of porridge with Blackberry jam. I stay up all night and end up getting hungry at about midnight/1am so I eat a bit then and then get too full to eat anything for suhoor- even though my midnight snack is lighter than iftar!
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