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  1. Islamic gallery

    The Ummah of the Prophet wants well-informed people, because a nation without information and researchers lives in misunderstandings and into the darkness. Those who hide Islamic knowledge and deprive the Muslim community it will Almighty God bring the day to rebirth in the fire.
  2. Download islamic images

    Islam is the only religion that allows its followers to seek knowledge. The noble Messenger commanded seeking knowledge an obligation for all Muslims and declared superiority to those who seek Islamic knowledge for those who just love.
  3. Islam itself is inherently related to inner peace and tranquility. The words Islam, Muslim and Salaam all come back from the foundation word, which denotes peace, security, and safety. Once one submits to the desire of Allah he or she is going to know wisdom of security and peacefulness.
  4. Beautiful islamic images

    Many blessings be won by those who convert to Islam; the obvious place came to peace and prosperity in heart and soul. Conversion to Islam makes us clearly that we have discovered the most basic truths in life.
  5. Place Your Trust Upon Allaah SWT

    May Allah bless all those who make their best efforts so that their community improves their memory of Allah!
  6. Learn Quran

    Muslims around the world are very interested in acquiring education enthusiastic Quran. Many people learn the Quran education to learn the Quran, thoughtful and follow the teaching and knowledge of God Almighty and obey them.
  7. The Salah Explained Poster

    Learning the meanings certainly help to motivation during Salah. May Allah guide us all to the true path.
  8. Some Hadith/Quranic sources to keep us going:

    A very simple way of performing Islam is to obey Allah. When one obeys Allah, one is performing Islam. Islam is all about obeying Allah.
  9. Two Wonderful Phrases.

    May Allah bless us all to follow all the sunnah of the great beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  10. Perfect! I need to understand what I'm reciting and this app is countless, it's just what I've been looking for. It's straight forward and easy to use.

    Masha Allah! Several very useful opinions there! I once heard in a bayaan that when someone makes dua while travelling then the duas get acknowledged faster. Always teach little kids to make dua for you as Allah receives all of their duas.
  12. Salah and Dua

    Learning the meanings certainly help to motivation during Salah and Dua. May Allah guide us all to the true path.
  13. Why Pray 5 Times a Day

    Muslims pray 5 times a day because it is ordained by God Almighty. It is a means of showing the loyalty, gratitude, modesty and love towards God. No other religion in the world preaches to pray to God 5 times a day. It is only in Islam. This is to remind Muslims that there is an Almighty who created them and to bow their heads in total humbleness towards God.
  14. I love being a Muslim because...

    I love being muslim because islam shows itself in every angle, in every way, even in other religions.
  15. Islamic Apps

    In available reading Quran we people can education additional about Islam and can get more information about Islam and Quran.