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  1. ahmedfarhan

    Great scholar

    We should listen to the speeches of Islamic scholar such as Moulana Muhammad Ilyas Qadiri who made revival in the Muslim Ummah by giving out Islamic speeches on different Islamic topics which has become a source of guidance for many youngsters and they completely revert on the right path of Islam.
  2. ahmedfarhan

    Religious personality

    You can find numerous Islamic quotes of Ameer e Ahle Sunnat in the gallery section of the official website of Dawat-e-Islami. Apart from that you can also find images with Quranic verses and Ahadees.
  3. ahmedfarhan

    Top Islamic Speakers

    Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat is among the top Islamic speakers who give lectures on different Islamic topics which have also become a source of reformation for many Islamic brothers and many non-Muslims have also embraced Islam by listening to the beautiful Madani pearls of this great personality.
  4. ahmedfarhan

    Islamic Scholar Speeches

    We should listen the Islamic scholar speeches for the guidance in every field of life with respect to Sharia teachings. Moreover, by listening to the speeches of famous Islamic scholars we can make reforms in our daily life routine and drag our life on the righteous path of Quran and Sunnah.
  5. ahmedfarhan

    Pictures with Sayings

    You may also download pictures with sayings of Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat and sayings of different great Islamic scholars as well. We should not only download or share these sayings only but, we must always also try to act upon these sayings of your pious bondman of ALLAH and improve our lives.
  6. ahmedfarhan

    Download Islamic Images

    The official webpage of Dawat-e-Islami is the best situation from which place you can download Islamic images from numerous categories. You can split these Islamic images with your friends and relatives with all the grace so that you will get remuneration for growing the Islamic knowledge to others.
  7. ahmedfarhan

    Good Islamic books

    It is mandatory on every adult male and female Muslim to gain knowledge. In the past people used to go in the Islamic library for the sake of knowledge in a peaceful environment. Therefore he should read good Islamic books from an Islamic library so that he will get to know about the teachings of Sharia.
  8. ahmedfarhan

    Islamic Books Library

    Islamic Books Library has many unique features. Users can also make any book as his favorite which will make it even easier to find that particular book. After marking any book as favorite that particular book will show in the favorite section. Use this wonderful service and persuade others for making most of it.
  9. In order to find the Islamic religious images you can visit the website of Dawat-e-Islami where the image gallery section contains numerous Islamic religious images according to the occasions. You can also find Islamic images which contain authentic content of Holy Quran and sacred Sunnah.
  10. ahmedfarhan

    Image gallery

    In the Image gallery section of the website of Dawat-e-Islami you will find numerous Islamic images or Images with Ahadees or Quranic verses. You can also download them and share it through different social media sites as well so you will be getting the reward of spreading the message of Islam.
  11. ahmedfarhan

    Islamic gallery

    The Ummah of the Prophet wants well-informed people, because a nation without information and researchers lives in misunderstandings and into the darkness. Those who hide Islamic knowledge and deprive the Muslim community it will Almighty God bring the day to rebirth in the fire.
  12. ahmedfarhan

    Download islamic images

    Islam is the only religion that allows its followers to seek knowledge. The noble Messenger commanded seeking knowledge an obligation for all Muslims and declared superiority to those who seek Islamic knowledge for those who just love.
  13. Islam itself is inherently related to inner peace and tranquility. The words Islam, Muslim and Salaam all come back from the foundation word, which denotes peace, security, and safety. Once one submits to the desire of Allah he or she is going to know wisdom of security and peacefulness.
  14. ahmedfarhan

    Beautiful islamic images

    Many blessings be won by those who convert to Islam; the obvious place came to peace and prosperity in heart and soul. Conversion to Islam makes us clearly that we have discovered the most basic truths in life.
  15. ahmedfarhan

    Place Your Trust Upon Allaah SWT

    May Allah bless all those who make their best efforts so that their community improves their memory of Allah!