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  1. ^ That’s a lovely du'a.... Ameen! And May Allah bless us all with the same. Allahumma Ameen! Anyways Zimarina, alhamdulillah I am doing just fine thanks. And how are you? JazakAllah for the info and recommendation. I'll definitely look into it and insha'Allah start researching the Maldives experience, along with the many other places on my to-do list lol. I totally agree with going for a package deal, something like this may (for me) be a once in a lifetime journey so best to make the most of it and have it well planned eh! It’d be interesting to see how my mum and wife would react when I tell them about these fun, exiting and (in there books) “dangerous” activities Take care Wasalaam.
  2. As'salaamu alaykum w.w. Zimarina! And congratulations on your marriage! May Allah shower upon you (both) His blessings, love and mercy.... and bless your marriage with barakah, joy and happiness and much more in this life and the next. Ameen! I'm so intrigued by your trip to the Maldives... sounds amazing! Any chance of shedding some light on how you went about the organisation of this trip? Who you got in touch with? Which agencies you used? (if any) .....etc, etc. Any info would be of great help JazakAllah khayr. Hope you're enjoying married life! Remember us in your du'as. -Sufyaan.
  3. That lovey-dovey clip at the end was jokes!! Had me and my little bro cracking up! The tie scene 'killed' it off. Oh wait till I see him! Btw, it was shot during Ramadaan so it must've been quite difficult for him. Egggggggg-zactly!! You just knew it was never gonna happen. Ah well.
  4. You didnt go leicester man.. Another crazy race yesterday! Rained out! I never watch F1 but yesterday was pretty interesting. Button for champ??

  5. ^ Now that's just nay possible my friend Just remembered another typical comment from James. And it went along the lines of.... Alan: So, who should get fired then? James: Out of the three of us.......... *pauses and turns to Rocky & Howard* ....... I think you should fire the pair of em! () *total silence and a roll of eyes from Alan* I think there'll be many more laughs to come
  6. Haha, those bits were FUNNY! This mans a joke..... he's a cartOON!! Rocky's facial impressions of Nick were funny too! Lol.. yeah, I wonder if its 'Maj' whose getting grilled.
  7. What you doing tomoro? ;)

  8. Ha..Ha..Hamilton stripped of all his points and Button tops the rankings?? The sport's gone mad! Bring back Shuey I say.

  9. Lol... t'was just a matter of time until someone chucked in the balle-balle dance. Ameen! ...and jazakAllah JazakAllah once again.... and can I get another ameen! Hmmm, the food on the wedding day will be nice, I'm sure of that. But the walima food will be better 'cos I arranged for it .....j/k Oh man, I'm sorry! Its just that I had to spend time with my niece and nephew too. They made me help with paintings, homework, "castle-project" and lots more And c'mon man.... course we'll link again insha'Allah!! 'Ent no ball 'n chain I'm getting after the nikkah. I'm just getting married
  10. ^ I know man! Should'a got rid of James.... seems like a right ol' plonka! Oh and 'Maj' refers to Alan as.... "Hey Shoogy" lol. Wonder how that one goes down! Well, that's if they air it
  11. HaH! 'Maj' is a friend of mine. I know how he gets on and maybe a bit more too Oh and his actions and comments in the show were predictable *rollseyes*
  12. JazakAllah again to you all Ameen! ...and jazakAllah. Hope you're well Lol nah, it must've been Umar. Wait... thinking back to GPU now... were you there? :S I'm not sure if BN can make it on the day. We'll see insha'Allah. Its going to be around you neck of the woods so I'm sure you'll be able to sniff the trail of Krispy Kremes -------------------------------- Remember us in your du'as all
  13. Allahumma Ameen!! JazakAllah all for your lovely du'as Lol "young and tiny"? It was only the just-gone GPU where we met.... for the first time too! Could've guessed : P I've been meaning to have a 'word' with that bro of yours. Gonna have to call him soon insha'Allah! And whyyyy only Sister Who? Aren't all MM'ers entitled to something :eye: lol. Not much of a laddoo fan. So Krispy Kremes will have to suffice! I totally forgot about it! Busy busy busy..... I'll be down soon insha'Allah. Get the regular crew out and maybe we can go out And hey, I'm only getting married. Aint no ball and chain : P Speak soon insha'Allah
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