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  1. ah sorry about that.. i didnt really get what u meant by "how". and in answer to ur question: im not. its just a silly name i used to preserve anonymity when i first joined. btw how do u say ur name? is it "eye-a" or "ee-ya"?

  2. I think I know which period of time you are referring to. The particular period directly succeeding the Crucifiction of Christ, a time much scrutinised in history due to its great significance as the frame in which were sown the origins of one of the world’s major religions. A time when the disciples and followers of Jesus (as) much debated the true message of Christ, a time when all the main scriptures and writings pertaining to Isa (as) were penned. The four commonly accepted books were written during this period as well as many others, now considered heretical, which are referred to as the Apocrypha or Gnostic Gospels (even though neither these nor the accepted 4 should be considered Gospels). I know you may be aware of the fact that many manuscripts written on the life of Christ were omitted and labelled as heretical texts by the Nicean Council and its host, the Roman Emperor Constantine, resulting in the filtering of the Christian doctrine. Furthermore, subsequent to this convention, you may also be aware how most of these heretical manuscripts were destroyed, resulting in the loss and disappearance of many important works with the followers of such scripts persecuted and ultimately converted by word or sword. These books were lost over time and the communities and bands of followers subscribing to such beliefs died with the texts and with the messages contained therein, again, this you may already know. However, recently in the past few centuries there have been significant discoveries of manuscripts dating back to the period succeeding the supposed crucifixion of Jesus yet prior to the Council of Nicea. One such discovery is that of the Gospel of Barnabas, which attests to the substitution theory with Judas as the crucified as opposed to the mainstream view of Jesus dying on the cross. It states that Judas was made to appear like Jesus, and that it was in fact Judas who was arrested and killed on the cross, while Jesus escaped. It should be noted that Barnabas was a follower of Jesus, a good friend of the disciples and known to Jesus himself. he worked closely with Paul and opposed the disciples Peter, James and John in preaching to the Gentiles while the latter were strictly opposed to it. He later separated from Paul due to disagreements and followed his own path continuing his preaching. In the year 1945 the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library was made were many books and lost gospels were found, ones that do not currently form part of the New testament as we may know it today. The books uncovered in this large compendium purportedly date to the time after the crucifiction of Christ with some pre-dating those of the New Testament Gospels, examples of the texts found are: Gospel of Mary, Gospel of Philip, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of the Egyptians, Gospel of Truth, Apocryphon of James and many more. One of the ancient texts found as part of the excavations include the Gospel of St. Thomas (Thomas was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus) which attests to view that Jesus survived crucifixion on the cross and escaped thereafter. So, to say that there do not exist any texts that provide alternative accounts of the life and death of Jesus is a little incorrect, in fact there are quite a few. I have a word version of the Gospel of Barnabas which you can check out if you like (PM me and i'll send it to anyone who's interested). However I would warn you to read it cautiously, even though a lot of what is contained may be in agreement with what you may believe, much of it may conflict.
  3. Sal dude, to be true, your style is sh*t, if it's anything to go by the way you cook, ------> (See quote below) Made ya'll look; TAT got stitched, your just a slave to the page of Sal's facebook.
  4. As this songs good, I can triple the posts, just cos I’m quicker than most, To the kerb I be kickin’ the hoes, in chalk on the side is only where you witness my flows.
  5. Subliminal jokes.. Cos truly some women will hope, that Revo aint gone good, But then some ni**ers will croak, trying to run into the wrong hood.
  6. If you may know, you'd make an ill judge -as long as you don’t pay hoes on your payroll, But you fit the bill blud, cos TAT was always looking for a gay bro. (solely referring to subliminal jokes)
  7. With my hair you can't compare, perfectly the way I work it, TAT 'n' Z just hate, but REAL girls certainly know "I'm worth it".
  8. I don't. To think people are actually adding to their post-counts from posting here. I feel embarassed even writing this, but I think it should be moved to the conversational section. It's a sad sad day when El Revo becomes the voice of reason.
  9. Domestic violence in any form is sickening. Whether it simply be verbal abuse or the most severe physical abuse, the expression of violence in such a form is perpetrated by an individual devoid of much mercy. I can never seem to comprehend spousal violence, it's a condition which seems to be born from continuous and perpetual rage, escalating to a cancer in ones temperament. Whenever I become angry I remind myself of the patience and forbearance of the Prophets(upon them be peace), the persecution they endured and struggles they overcame. This in itself allows me calm, but when for a person the continuum of rage builds up, it grows into a cancer and becomes difficulty to break. Islam has perfectly captured the respect husband and wife should have for one another and their rights over each other. The sunnah of the Prophet's(saw) treatment of his wives is testament to the extent of his respect for women and his wives. In him (saw) we have the best example yet many forget and discard his sunnah which for us is a mercy, therefore domestic violence in practicing families in light of his(saw) example is especially unfortunate. I saw a programme yesterday on honour killings and recounting it in my mind makes me sick in itself. Abuse of this kind is so heinous and cruel its unbelievable and completely inexcusable. The fear and indignity condemns the victim to suffer in silence and this just exacerbates the abuse. A disposition of anger can manifest itself in differing forms, but it is inexcusable when it is released and exhibited to subjugate another or to control them with fear. I pray inshAllah we can remove such inhuman acts from our Ummah and strive in the example of our beloved Prophets(as). Ameen.
  10. Salaam bro, thought it was you. How's everythin goin? I miss those footy debates in the sports shack, it's not quite the same without sporty muslima. p.s. Torres has been on fire this season & I really hope Rafa stays, can't believe the owners are considering his removal. Take it easy bro.

  11. I thought you might say something like that ^ . I just can't understand why there would be a need to "flip" their style on them as it were. To be fair quite a few of us come from under-privileged areas and I for one just can't relate to anything you touched upon. I don't know, maybe it's just me but the "irony" doesn't really work for me. Oh and just for personal kicks, here's something I prepared earlier. It's not directly intended at you, but have a read inshAllah.
  12. Your name in its abbreviated form always reminds me of when I typo the article "the". Thankyou for your time. Paz

  13. Freddy Kanoute is Legend. No, he's not the last human alive, nor is he Will Smith, he's.. ah you get my point.
  14. This blog is ridicool. Homeboy is holding it down. "It" being satire "down" being errm.. down?
  15. Wow that was just oozing with imagery. I can so vivdly picture all those Afro-Caribbeans hustling on tha block, clasping those glocks laying in wait for you. I'd be scared hell if gangsta cats be wishing upon me death. I'm sweating bout it as I speak. No, but seriously I don't be seeing such coloured folk after your yolk yo? Where dey at homey? Holler-back my profanity prone thug. Paz.
  16. This episode seems to be an evident instance of Bystander Behaviour. It's when, for example, an act committed in the public sphere goes totally unreported, where witnesses refrain from confronting the perpetrator of a crime or an evident problem, despite clearly observing it. The case of Kitty Genovese is a prime example providing proof of such behaviour, she was brutally stabbed in New York, Queens - 1964. Thirty-eight people, most of them residents on the very street in which she lived, witnessed the murder yet all 38 failed to alert the authorities, and none came to her aid. The killer attacker her on three separate occasions in a 30min time period, where reporting the initial attack may have saved her life. (Read an account of her murder in more detail http://www2.selu.edu/Academics/Faculty/scraig/gansberg.html Two important concepts investigated by social psychologists concerning such instances of bystander neglect are diffusion of responsibility and pluralistic ignorance. (Sounds boring, I know!) Diffusion of responsibility is the idea that people are less likely to offer to help someone if there are others present, because they perceive responsibility as being shared between all present, and therefore see themselves as being less personally responsible. In the case of Kitty Genovese, many of the bystanders, opened their curtains/windows and turned on their lights, or shouted from the comfort of their homes, with many residents hearing these ineffective shouts yet still failing to do anything. Pluralistic ignorance is the tendency for people in a group to mislead each other about an emergency situation. For example, a person might perceive an emergency as a non-emergency because others are remaining calm and not taking action. What this incident, and the one above on the bus show, is that sometimes members of the public are influenced by their peers, the context, the severity of the incident, and their own apparent belief of being unable to provide help of any kind. Such instances can be common, but of course there are some people who are willing to help regardless of the circumstances or any contributory factors dissuading others from offering any kind of assistance. The parable of the Good Samaritan being a prime example. I think it’s quite deplorable that people can sit-back and let such acts happen without interfering. Shameful really.
  17. Nice work Sally. Your rhymes seem effortless (even though I know considerable work goes into them) yet with no compromise in quality.
  18. That's a tad bit harsh, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt... maybe you just didn't read the verse I posted above.
  19. Imam Abu Hanifa (rahimahullah) said: "if the hadith is authentic then it’s my madhab". (Narrated in Al-Hashiyah by Ibn Abidayn, also in Rasm Al-Mufti, He also said: "its not permissiable for anyone to take our rulings with out him knowing where we have derived it from". Imam Malik (rahimahullah) said: "I'm no more than a human, Sometimes I make mistakes and at other times I do not, look at my opinion, if you agree with my opinion then take it, and if you do not agree with it then leave it". (Narrated in Al-Jameh by Ibn Abdul Bar, also in Usuul Alhkaam by Ibn Hazm) Imam Shafi (rahimahullah): "If there exists something in my book any incongruity from the sunnah of the Prophet’s (saw), then take the Prophet’s (saw) sunnah and leave what I have said." In another narration he says, "follow it (the Prophet’s (saw) sunnah) and do not look at what anyone else says". (Narrated in Dim Alkalaam by Al Harawi also in Al-Majmuuk by Imam Nawawi Imam Ahmed (rahimahullah): "Neither copy me, nor Malik, nor Shafi, nor Awzaie, nor Thaury, but take it from where they obtained it from". (Narrated in Ibn Ahlaam by Ibn Qayim) Ibn Hajar Al Asqalnai said: "If what the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has said contradicts what the others say, the Prophet’s (saw) order has the higher priority and should first be followed".
  20. When verses are immersed in curses, the worst ish emerges to the surface, Words which emerge with your assertions, burst when submerged in your service, They serve no purpose in wording; you’ve heard the worst things and deserved it, They work to further your hurting, unsuitable for any servants to serve it, Heard it blurted in urgence, blood curdled words-from-an-insurgent, Convert the “accursed” with no burden, on your shoulders the-weight-is-just-furthered, When in suburbia you were murdered, the truth is clear to all observant, Concertedly searching to be perfect, but certainly we’re urged by the serpent, Emerged with intent of being coercive, maybe you meant to stir-a-disturbance. Preferred to never relent your real urges, then in-turn you incurred this occurrence, Now interred in-the-earth-is-this-work-with, advice to never revisit such wordage, Enough of the typically implicit curses, with the lyrically explicit servings, Willingly complicit and worsened, mimic beef to envisage murders, To end with the fall of the curtains, like when 300 Spartans finished the Persians, Some battlers resorted in cursing; some had to insult other persons, Some battles result with incursions; others result in brothers dispersing, Singing the song that the birds sing, rehearsing words like learnt hymns, Reimbursed yet still usurp sins, words which traverse even the worst skin, Permeate souls and burn limbs, with words grim, the hurt brings, Blackened hearts, dirt winds, that surge in –men undeserving? Some purged, some cleansed, and deterred in –sins and averted, Some pack hearses with verses; others just pack verses with curses, Some lack purses with purse strings, while others pack persons in curtains, The exact verse brings no purpose, and that in-turn causes a diversion, It diverts men from immersion, minds hurt -deadened from inertia, Of lines burnt -embedded with aversion, their lives were -led by the version, Of thy events in your mind; signed, sent and consigned, The rhymes bled till they died, your knives red with their lives, These crimes become lessons in time, signs and blessings in life, That reminds the self that it abides, by-the-Most-High’s direction so wise. Some eyes are blind by design, and-from-death are revived and arise, Those that surmise will just die, so to survive -realise and be alive, Must incline to-the message to-derive, the justice of The Divine in our lives, Thus in time the pre-destined arrive, entrusted to re-align all real lies. - El Revo ..and with that, I too will also leave.
  21. ooooohh harsh words FROM brotherX! All I'm gonna say is... FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
  22. I would love to respond in this thread but unfortunately the following events will most likely occur: 1. Some crazy sisters (kk/Radh/TZ) will bombard the thread with (even more) spam. 2. Someone (TAT/baldy) will drop a poor-quality verse intending to majorly diss me. 3. Someone (baldy/blah) will spit some lyricial sewage. 4. Someone (Lil' Zi) will remind us to again be mindful of our etiquette when posting. 5. We (everyone) will ignore that someone as usual. 6. Some crazy sisters (kk/Radh/TZ and possibly others [sis Who]) will bombard the thread with (even more) spam. 7. Someone (TAT/baldy) will drop a poor-quality verse intending to majorly diss me. ...and so on. You get the idea. Those cycle of events will continue and send us into this endless spiral achieving absolutely nothing. That's why it's pointless.
  23. Pity that TAT spent all his days in liaising with his gay Asian relations, Now I look on in amazement, gazing into dead eyes as he’s drawn out on the pavement.
  24. Thankyou KeeKee, at last someone had the bottle to let-out what everyone really wanted to say. Stop ruining peoples threads with your buts & howevers and general granny-like behaviour. Take KK's advice.
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