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  1. Imranhassan

    Three Ashra’s Of Ramadan And Their Duas

    Masha Allah very great post may Allah reward you for your decent efforts.
  2. Imranhassan

    Study Quran

    Nice review, and worth a good reread. Looking at the recent book ‘Between Heaven and Hell: Islam, Salvation, and the Fate of Others,’ the issue seems nuanced.
  3. Imranhassan

    Hadiths on Fasting

    Subhanallah this is truly a great hadith masha Allah I had not heard of it before but I appreciate you sharing it with all of us.
  4. Imranhassan

    5 things to do on Laylatul Qadr

    May Allah support us to make the greatest of the last 10 days & nights of Ramadan and may he enable us to improvement the maximum rewards from this favorable night. Ameen
  5. Imranhassan

    Seerah of The Prophet (SAW)

    A Complete reading of the Prophet Life of Islam". It's exceptionally point by point, and the way in which it is composed is straightforward.
  6. Imranhassan

    Books on Islamic History

    Jazak Allah! May Allah too incentive both of yours greatly. Ameen