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  1. Think back.....to all the times you've stood facing Allah in prayer. 10,15,20 even 30 years of salah! Now that should be impressive Right? Although we can account for their number, what can we truly say of their quality? Join us @ Divine Link and learn how to truly achieve khushu- the quality mark in salah! Date and Time- Nov 4-5th and 12-13th Venue: TBC Register @ http://goo.gl/EDEhKN Scholarships still available @ http://goo.gl/wRBeKY Youtube: https://youtu.be/DRFj4kEOQo
  2. The first act YOU'LL be asked about in akirah.......The second pillar of Islam....The most IMPORTANT act of the day.... Your Salah= Your value in this life and Your Destination in the akhirah! Join AlMaghrib Midlands for our upcoming double weekend seminar all about Salah....Divine Link: Taught by Sh Abu Easa Niamatullah, this is not a seminar you want to miss! Date and Time: Nov 4-5th and 12-13th Venue:TBC Register@ http://goo.gl/EDEhKN
  3. MARYAM (ra) KHADIJA (ra) AISHA (ra) ASIYA (ra) Their names are preserved in history as four of the GREATEST WOMEN! Now it's time to study their legacies and life lessons about Leadership and Empowerment! **Taught by Ustadah Taimiyya Zubair** SISTERS ONLY SEMINAR MOTHER AND BABY ROOM AVAILABLE Date and time: 22/5/14, 10am-7pm Venue, The Rex Centre, Coventry Road, Birmingham, UK Register now@ www.almaghrib.org/birmingham
  4. "To educate a man is to educate an individual, but to educate a women is to educate an entire nation." A powerful quote that truly signifies the impact women can have on society. Learn how to start your impact from the greatest leaders conveyed in the greatest book-the book of Allah. I AM HER:Life And Leadership Lessons From The Women Of The Quran!! **Taught by Ustadah Taiymiyyah Zubair** Sisters Only Seminar Date and Time- 22/5/16, 10am-7pm Venue- Birmingham, UK Register now at- www.almaghrib.org/birmingham
  5. So, you've come to the conclusion that YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED...... But how do you go about finding a spouse? Are there certain etiquettes to abide by? And even if you are aware of these, where do you even begin in your search? Sadly far too often the Islamic guidelines pertaining to proper conduct between men and women not always respected in such circumstances. So AlMaghrib presents Love Notes- the perfect seminar tailored to answering such questions. Register now @http://goo.gl/forms/m77nY8vFHn Date and Time: April 8th-10th
  6. Ever wondered how the concept of love is understood Islamically? Are the artificial portrayals of love and marriage on our screens relatable to the everyday 'Western' Muslim? Join AlMaghrib @ Love Notes as we delve into these frequently debated topics! Love Notes will uniquely highlight the importance of love and marriage while thoroughly explaining various rulings related to Marriage and Family Life. Register now at www.almaghrib.org/birmingham Date and Time- April 8th-19th Venue- TBC-Birmingham
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    Ilmfest 2016 Birmingham

    Al Maghrib Institute.
  8. TERRORIST....BACKWARDS ANTI-WOMEN! All Islamaphobic insults we face on a daily basis. With the recent attacks on Western soil anti-islamic sentiments and hate crimes against Muslims are increasing! But how should YOU, the everyday Muslim, deal with it? OR is it even YOUR issue to deal with? Islam is OUR deen and therefore OUR responsibility. We need to preserve it for our progeny just as our predecessors preserved it for us. The first step in doing this starts with ILM..and there is no better place to gain this ilm than at ILMFEST where we will hold academic and stimulating discussions on the topic of Islamaphobia! Don't miss out Date and Time: 3rd January-10am Venue- The New Bingley Hall- 1 Hockley Circus, Birmingham, B18 5BE LIMITED PLACES- Secure your place now Register now@ https://goo.gl/c1VrJA Trailer: https://youtu.be/iMxONH3HBr8 For more info visit www.ilmfest.com
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    Ilmfest 2016

    ILMFEST is or grand yearly festival of knowledge, an unforgettable event as attested to by thousands last year! Join world renowned shayuk such as- *Omar Suleiman *Waleed Basyouni, *Dr Reda Betair, *Saad Tasleem, And many more Join us for a unique one day festival of knowledge Regiser now @ www.ilmfest,com
  10. Shaykh Waleed Baysouni, the Shaykh of Shaykhs at Al Maghrib, is in Birmingham for one night to present his brand new class in which he will delve into the World of Dreams. How can we distinguish between Dreams from Allah SWT, Dreams from Shaytaan and Dreams from our Nafs Are dreams a source that we can rely on, Can we Trust dreams and make a decision in our lives based on dreams? All these and issues and others, the interpretation of common dreams, the ruling the messengers gave regarding dreams and much much more-all covered in the World of Dreams. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY-JUST THREE DAYS LEFT! 7-10 PM October 31st 2015 REGENTS PARK BANQUETING HALL, REGENTS PARK ROAD, SMALL HEATH BIRMINGHAM, B10 0QP
  11. "Dreaming permits each and everyone of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives." -William Dement Have you ever had that weird dream that was SO insane...if you ever told people about it you'd be certain they would send you to a doctor or sheik.... How relieved would YOU be to figure out it's meaning and significance! Join us @ World of Dreams to gain some much needed clarity! Date and Time: 31st October 7pm-10pm Venue: Regents Park Bangueting Hall, Regents Park Road, Birmingham, B10 0QP Register now @ https://goo.gl/pGbEFY Trailer: https://youtu.be/5qbRlw820qE
  12. **Ever had that dream?** The one that wakes you up in the middle of the night...anxious, curious, wondering if it was a memory from the past or a fragment of YOUR future. Join us for ilmnight, a unique evening of knowledge with Sh Waleed Basyouni. A comprehensive guidline to all your weird and wonderful dreams! -Date & Time: 7pm-10pm -Venue: Regents Park Banqueting Hall, Regents Park Road, Birmingham, B10 0QP -Register: http://almaghrib.org/ilmnight -Trailer: https://youtu.be/5qbRlw820qE