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  1. asalaamu alaykum,

    what happened to u?

  2. You're Back!!!!


  3. Buraq! When are you back?

  4. happy birthday malay

  5. Lets throw a masjid uncle into a school prom and see what happens.
  6. This might be offtopic, but I didnt want to make a whole thread. Anyway, black Arabs are really cool! They really make me smile and they're naturally hilarious! I love em, masha Allah.
  7. To shortly answer that question, dont make Haram what Allah has made Halal for you. Being a vegetarian may be good if you have health problems, but if you dont, you're gonna need the protein in the meat as its a necessity.
  8. Nah, I used to be mysterious, used to drive people crazy, just check my older posts.... But now I'm not mysterious since I practically written my whole life in text at the Bro's Section....
  9. Nah, dont worry about bro. Nothing to blush about.
  10. Its better, sis. Apparently I didnt really like that Algerian Mujahid avatar...

  11. I recommend all members to post AFTER Isha, not like PEACE's post, haha... Anyway... JUNE 8 2007 Fajr: No Jumma: Yes Asr: Yes Maghrib: Yes Isha: Yes Alhamdulillah... Fajr is still a struggle though...
  12. omg. u cahnged it baaaaaaaaak!!!!


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