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  1. Relationship problems

    His parents want a traditional Pakistani girl. I am not even an option in their view. Its not just my boyfriend my own parents are saying whats the rush in getting maried so he is getting support from my parents i just dont know how to make everyone understand
  2. Relationship problems

    Where can i go to learn how to pray? Or read the quran?
  3. Relationship problems

    His parents dont know much about his private life hes told them we are together but they dont know we live together. He is a optometrist he works hard and he has all the qualities i would look for in a future husband. I understand his point of not getting married until his parents agree as his parents have a right over him too. I spoke to him this morning i said we cant live like this any more and i told him ive been posting on this forum and he wasnt too happy. I understand i need to put my foot down but if i end it with him i wouldnt know what to do i dont see myslef being with anybody else
  4. Relationship problems

    This is the problem he says he will never go behind his parents back. We were apeaking about this earlier tonight. I said how about just hetting nikkah done nobody needs to know and he said i cant do that thats not right he said he wouldnt want to deceive his parents. The issue is he seems to think theres nothing wrong with us sharing the same bed. I havent slept properly for weeks becuase i feel like God is looking down on me in disgust while i lay next to a non mehram evrry night
  5. Relationship problems

    Ive moved away from my hometown and i put our relationship on hold however after 3 weeks i ended up calling him over and I was the one to lead him on. It was my idea to go to the bedroom. I cant see myself with anyone else ive been through so much with him and i dont want to end it
  6. Relationship problems

    I havent explained myself clearly we are practically living together in the same house as my parents. He stays over furing the week and on the weekend he is at his parents. When i first decided to change i maxe him sleep on the sofa in our room however i become weak and i let him back in my bed. The thing im confused about is am i even a muslim im doing so much sin i still wear revealing dresses i've cut down my alcohol intake alot but I've got no one to texh me anything i dont know any good muslims the only muslims i know are my dad and boyfriend and unfortunately they are the worst example of muslims
  7. Relationship problems

    Thank you i am so confused i have gried stopping him from coming sround but my parents are no help they think im going through a 'phase' nobody understands my view. Dont get me wrong he hasnt ever forced me and he isnt around just for sex because if that was the case i wouldnt ne posting this here today. The fact is he seems to believe its alrigjt to sleep in the same bed to live together and even have children before marriage he says your dad done it so ehy cant you? We've been through so much i just dont know what to do
  8. Relationship problems

    Salaam to all I am a 25 year old confused new muslim from Uk. My mum is english and dad is Pakistani. I was never raised as a muslim my dad is just mulim by name. Me and my two brothers were born before my parents got married. Throughout my life i have not practised any religion. I drink, have pre-marital relationships, party every weekend. However since last year i have been reading into my dads religion and have become a muslim. I am trying to bring change but it's extremely difficult. I have been in a relationship with a british pakistani for 6 years. My parents know about him as he quite regularly stays over at mine however his parents know of me and they dont approve. The reason for this is last year my boyfreinds mum and brother caught me and my boyfreibd having sex. He comes from a traditional pakistani family and they are against sex beforemarriage however me and my boyfriend have sex regularly as he mostly stays at mine. I have spoken to my boyfriend about this being haraam and that we should get married however he says his parents would never allow this. I told him a cuple of months ago no more sex until we got married however 3 days later we were in bed together. I have no muslim freinds my dad doesnt think im doing anything wrong and my boyfriend says we should carry on the wY we are. I am completely confused i dont know where to go or who to turn to some help please Im happy to receive emails or private messages