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  1. S.W


    One of the first movies I watched as a kid was 'Salma pe dil agaya'
  2. S.W

    Which type of birth is better for women?

    C-Section. One minor cut, little tug and baby comes out smiling, put a plaster on it and done fam. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. - Resident Expert on PreNatal/Ante Natal/PostNatal Care.
  3. S.W

    Random IT Questions

    I'm looking for something that does what Windows Movie Maker does (edit videos, add backing tracks, etc) but it's free and doesn't have limited features (I.e video has to be a certain length/quality). WMM used to be free when I last used it gazillions of years ago, but now it says I need to upgrade it and I don't want to waste monies on something I only plan on using once. Can anyone help me with this please? Any tech savy person?
  4. S.W

    MM Questions

    Yo Bambi, Who reads the reports? Cuz the arrow has left the bow. Bow cheated on him with the Toe. Ya know?
  5. Oh my dayzzzzz.... so it was being kept from me? Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudeugh.
  6. S.W

    The Meathead Thread

    I love pasta. Esp spag bol.
  7. There were two subsections in the sisters side. Where dey go?
  8. S.W

    Why does chat keep breaking

    Yeap, all true. So protect yourself and don't post anything sensitive. Btw in the past we have had moderators who were anything but reliable, a green title doesn't mean they can be trusted anymore than a regular member.
  9. S.W

    Why does chat keep breaking

    Lol, im saying this based on my moderating days and how easy it was and the things people said and did to get access to the other side But yeah you're right about the anonymous part (but you can always log on when theres no users awake )
  10. S.W

    Why does chat keep breaking

    Cub, i was making a general statement for people to be aware it was not in response to anyones actions.
  11. S.W

    Why does chat keep breaking

    We should assume the best of each other and there's no good in speculating and making accusations but people should always be careful, we might all be Muslim and deserving of husn ad dhan but at the same time we have to be realistic and honest about protect ourselves so don't post anything super sensitive in the segregated sections that would harm you if it came out.