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  1. Assalamu Alaykum, I have two questions. Is believing in the existence of technologically superior extraterrestrial intelligences permitted in Islam? Is trying to find and contact technologically superior extraterrestrial intelligences (e.g. by working at the SETI Institute) permitted in Islam? These “technologically superior extraterrestrial intelligences” would not be like the aliens in all of the Hollywood movies, they would be far more powerful. They would be technologically so far ahead of us that they could potentially do some or all of the following things (sorted from most likely to least likely): - Completely blow up a planet or a star with one single bomb (e.g. antimatter bomb). - Create stars and planets and perhaps also seed life on planets. - Have armies of trillions of extremely intelligent and powerful robots. - Engineer structures bigger than our planet (e.g. Jupiter brains) and bigger than our Sun (e.g. Dyson spheres, matrioshka brains). - Have uploaded their consciousness/soul into machines (e.g. super-advanced computers, Jupiter brains, matrioshka brains) to achieve immortality. - Teleport instantly anywhere in the universe by using wormholes. - Travel in the past and change the timeline.
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    Is it acceptable in Islam? (troll questions)

    Assalamu Alaykum, Is playing tennis acceptable in Islam if we respect these three conditions?: - Playing tennis doesn't make us miss praying on time. - We only play tennis a few hours a week. So it's only a pastime. We don't play professionally. - We don't play for money. If we happen to win some money in a tennis tournament, we either refuse the money or immediately give it to charity. If the answer is no, please explain the reasons why tennis is forbidden.
  3. Assalamu Alaykum, Is becoming an astrophysicist/astronomer acceptable in Islam? It would only consist of research in astrophysics/astronomy. It would not involve teaching, nor would it involve working in planetariums and science museums. The job of astrophysicist/astronomer consists in: - Programming, writing computer code to analyze observational data or to make models/simulations of phenomena. - Writing scientific research papers that may be published in scholarly journals. - Writing many emails. - Filling out paperwork to get funding for our projects. - Traveling very frequently to many countries to present our research findings at scientific conferences and lectures, and to meet other astrophysicists/astronomers. - Traveling frequently to many remote parts of the world (on top of mountains) to make observations with optical or radio telescopes. Note that “astrophysics” and “astronomy” are the same thing. But they must not be confused with “astrology” which is something totally different.