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  1. Islam is a religion that strikes the root of evil and wants to set up an equitable and fair society. A Muslim should earn his living in Halal ways. He ought to understand the fact that whatever he does, it is known t o Allah swt. He will be responsible for his actions on the Day of Judgment. As a Muslim we are endeavoring each day to build up the profound characteristics that are fundamental in this world and hereafter. However, we also require material things in this world, and we require the way to pay for them. Islam being a complete code of life guides us with regards to obtaining and spending wealth. Read More Info: http://www.cheapumrahpackage.us/blog/earning-and-spending-money-the-islamic-way/
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    The Historical Mount Uhud

    Just outside madinah stretch out Mount Uhud. This jagged hill of desert rock cuts a stark outline against the light blue sky. Against this stony backdrop, the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ forces came up against the Makkan army which results in losing the fight and many martyrs. This is a mountain from the mountains of Paradise. Read MOre Info:Mount Uhud
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    Islamic Ideological Foundation of Education !

    Islam is the religion of the righteousness. It is a complete code of life for the people who follow. Islamic ideology serves as a tool to collect all the Muslim on a platform where they follow their religious, social and moral beliefs and values. The Islamic ideology is enshrined in the Holy Quran and Sunnah. Islam taught us the difference between what is right and what is wrong. You always need a teacher to tell you how do something, Isn’t it? That is why Allah sent His messenger to explain us the true meaning of life. Muhammad ﷺ not only used his words but also gave practical examples of everything. Read More Info: Islam
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    If a person dies before performing obligatory Hajj or if one vowed to perform Hajj but died before fulfilling one’s vow, his heir must assign someone to perform Hajj on behalf of the deceased. All the sequential expenses in this regard must be paid out of the deceased’s property, as indeed must be any debts left by him. Read More Info: www.LinkTours.com/Blog