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  1. Do you think animals don't die all over? lol I've seen dead cats/dogs/brids/squirrel/mice/rats and even humans. Death is Haqq....repent before it visits you.
  2. haha, Alhamdulilah, 'amal aaa?
  3. Okay, I usually pray there when I have class but I took off this past level. We might've even met, lol. I met a few brits that were with 'Aqeel one day outside the masjid after Maghrib or Isha I think. How much are the unfurnished 2bedrooms there? Let me know if you hear about any unrented ones so I can check them out.
  4. Br. Noor, how big is your apt there? Furnished/Unfurnished? How much is your rent? That's the only spot I would consider moving to in Nasr City. Answer me in PM if you don't want to put out your info like that. Also, do you know 'Aqeel? The Brit that lives in the building above the Masjid with the Libyani Imaam?
  5. Yes yes. Rehab is great, mashaaAllah. But I'm sure you can have a KFC or McDonalds delivery to Swissery.
  6. asSalaamu'alaykum City life in Cairo is rough. I live in Rehab, but spend most of my time due to work/school in the city. Majority of what was said above by the bro and sis are pretty much true. I do disagree with a few things though... 1. The general population here have no care about Islam. To them, Islam is Salaah and that's about it. They don't care about robbing you or cheating you...actually...thats the Egyptian way of life here, cheat and steal. 2. The little food shacks rock!!! Getting full on some "fool" for 2-3LE rocks. Don't worry about getting sick, that's part of life. You're body will get used to it and after a while it'll be fine. These people have been eating it all their life and there are still about 80Million people living in Cairo alone. As far as Swissery Alif and Ba go...EEEEEEEKKKKKKK. I know rent is crazy cheap there but try to upgrade to at least Thaamin. You can find a "decent" flat for a few more hundred LE monthly but the upgrade in quality is much better. Rehab is completely different from the rest of Egypt. It's more "dunyah" than other places but I feel the people here are more Islamic than outside. Also, my wife and her sister study at Fajr, which is where I guess the sister Zimarina is studying. Let me know and I'll pass you her number.
  7. Less then a day away aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahah cnt wait.
  8. The revival of wala’ and bara’ in Ramadan was also manifested in the mosques of the Salaf during their prayers, as al-Imam Malik reported in his ‘Muwatta” (306): وَحَدَّثَنِي عَنْ مَالِكٍ، عَنْ دَاوُدَ بْنِ الْحُصَيْنِ، أَنَّهُ سَمِعَ الأَعْرَجَ يَقُولُ: مَا أَدْرَكْتُ النَّاسَ، إِلاَّ وَهُمْ يَلْعَنُونَ الْكَفَرَةَ فِي رَمَضَانَ al-A’raj said: “I did not find the people except that they would be cursing the kuffar in Ramadan.” In ‘al-Istidhkar’ (2/72), Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr said: “This shows that it is permissible to curse the kuffar whether or not they are dhimmis. This is not obligatory. Rather, it is allowed for those who do it out of hatred for them for the sake of Allah due to their denial of the truth and their enmity to the Religion and its people…They would supplicate in the Witr of their prayer in Ramadan and curse the kuffar in imitation of the Messenger of Allah when he supplicated in his Qunut against Ra’al, Dhakwan, and Bani Lahyan, who had killed his Companions at the Well of Ma’unah. And Ibn Wahb narrated from Malik that the Qunut in Ramadan should be in the last half of Ramadan, and it is the cursing of the kuffar. He curses the kuffar, and those behind him say ‘amin.’ …and al-A’raj met a group of the Companions and the major Tabi’in, and this is the practice of the people of Madinah.” Also, on p. 32 of his treatise ‘Qiyam Ramadan,’ al-Albani mentions a narration of Ibn Khuzaymah’s (2/155) in which ‘Umar would appoint someone to lead the people in prayer at night in Ramadan, and at the end of the prayer after the first half of the month, the leader would make the following supplication: اللهم قاتل الكفرة الذين يصدون عن سبيلك ويكذبون رسلك ولا يؤمنون بوعدك وخالف بين كلمتهم وألق في قلوبهم الرعب وألق عليهم رجزك وعذابك إله الحق ‘O Allah, fight the kuffar who lead people away from Your Path, deny your Messengers, and do not believe in Your Promise. Divide them and throw fear into their hearts, and throw Your punishment upon them, O Deity of Truth!’ The leader of the prayer would then invoke peace and blessings upon the Prophet, pray for the Muslims for what was good, and then ask Allah’s Forgiveness for the believers. After this, they would finish the supplication with the following: اللهم إياك نعبد ولك نصلي ونسجد وإليك نسعى ونحفد ونرجو رحمتك ربنا ونخاف عذابك الجد إن عذابك لمن عاديت ملحق ‘O Allah, we worship You, and we pray to You, and we prostrate to You, and we strive and rush and hope for Your Mercy, our Lord. And we fear Your true punishment, as Your punishment is close behind Your enemies.’ After this, he would go into prostration. So, these glimpses of the Muslims who came before us show that they treated Ramadan as a month to revive the concept of wala’ and bara’. http://iskandrani.wordpress.com/2008/09/01/ramadan-the-month-of-wala-and-bara/#comments
  9. The key to really enjoying 6 flags on muslim day is...... ............drum roll................. Come before Jumuah if its a friday or eid lecture or what not. lol Be there as soon as the rides open. I get like 4-5 rides in before ppl start showing up and filling up the park. Fun stuff man.
  10. Get married quickly. lol Any dudes wanna hook up and chill I'm down. Especially married brothers so my wife doesn't think I'm neglecting her. lol
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