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  1. Face it. MM is dying out. You should be grateful. Actually, you're not. *forgets password again*
  2. Haku please ban me for over a week. It's important!

    1. Haku


      change your password and forget it

    2. Deferred
  3. GG it must be a whole nother world up there!
  4. True. I'm too short for him. Wedding is off.
  5. That's what mostly idiots say when they do outrageous things
  6. That's what he's arguing that it's beyond our conception and that it is possible. It's still not practical, we already have one God, wouldn't it be dangerous to create another person with the same attributes as yourself? And considering how fallible humans are, well that can't be a good idea.
  7. Cubster, I've read that it is mentioned in the Bible a sort of foreseen revelation. Then again the Old Testament is inconsistent. Ok well why is it that your Christian attitude raises Jesus/ a human to be equal to God? Isn't that a representation of inequality and injustice* isn't this a contradiction in itself? You might as well have this mythical view of demi-gods, like humans and Gods reproducing like the Ancient Greeks. I'm sorry but the days are gone from when they used to play Jesus on a crucifix to me as a first grader as a sort of emotional manipulation. I was traumatised as a kid to see this man being tortured to that extent, what kind of person would've shown this to a young child?
  8. Can we turn this around and say what does the Bible say about Prophet Muhammed?
  9. Didn't ask for your opinion. I listen to random songs and it's fine
  10. Do you know when you're thinking & accidentally look at someone's crotch? That's awkward.

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    2. respecta


      I can't even comment on this.

    3. Deferred


      I wouldn't say it's fixation. It's more like when you're tired and you don't really focus so it's a lack of focus.

    4. respecta


      Do it like a brother

      Do it like a dude

      Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you

      We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem.

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