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  1. Should i go back to Pistache? its strange having another username. 

    1. superman


      Yh and can Ur dp b smurfette

    2. cubster


      I can merge your accounts or change the name of this one.

    3. Pistache


      Please, which ever is easier? Wouldnt mind the merge LOL.

  2. What's new

    This, its actual meaning combined Flower: "Sometimes known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants The biological function of a flower is to effect reproduction, usually by providing a mechanism for the union of sperm with eggs. " Soft: "having a pleasing quality involving a subtle effect or contrast rather than sharp definition."
  3. Je ne sais pas

    1. superman


      papa ou tes

  4. What's new

    Can i just say, im surprise of how little has changed here, so no news for me then? Who is taking over the world? Becoming an astronaut, got married is fine but please spear me details of pregnancy or babies or nappy changing cause thats what i hear all day at work from everyone else. ANYTHING INTERESTING?
  5. What's new

    I cant stop laughing, and cant believe how much you guys remember, maybe i should have a double identity for here ahahhahaha Oui i think it was Life has been busy, its summer so life got soo much better right now. How about you?
  6. What's new

    Sounds amazing! its on my list! one take away in town? gosh maybe i will move in too as i cant stop eating out. Non, i left the fashion world, too much drama, too materialistic, feeds the ego and its hard to feed your inner rather then your outer there. I wanted to do something that makes a difference. Im glad, if you come to England, have lots of cafe places to take you! Merci! c'est très gentil! here you go, four new words for you. Im sure a lot of people (mostly men) were very happy and threw an MM party when i left. Oui it does, have a lot of people left? As you grow and have more responsibility , becomes harder to maintain a life on social media. Not just pigs LOL im only teasing
  7. Easter costume party, easter egg, bunny or chocolate costume?

    1. Mo-


      wear a chocolate colour abaya and niqab!

    2. respecta
  8. What's new

    thank you , the fact that you dont remember my posts is a great thing, trust me on this one. OHHHH TONTON!! Hiiiii! I know i heard! hows life with the new president at the other end of the world? Well at least we have someone to blame now about crashing cars, i have had 3 or more accident, not very good for self esteem having to blame yourself. Wow that's great tonton! is he enjoying it? gosh how old is he now? Thats amazing!
  9. What's new

    Ohlala so much and so little at the same time. Its been so long, i have grown, experienced life more, learnt more and less, Work in a field where its challenging and different everyday, drink less coffee yet one of my hobbies is going to cafes LOL Still love motor racing but fitting it with my life is a challenge, while ageing everyday, voila.
  10. What's new

    Wow i expect more news after 6 years LOL, sister who left? and who got married? or shall i try to guess? man or woman? Miss you too Cubster, and thats amazing! how are you finding it? Plan to come visit you one day is sill there!
  11. What's new

    Hi Everyone My name is Pistache (gosh that sounds like we are having an AA gathering) Some may know me as Pistache, So what's new on MM ? Its been years!
  12. School

    School is tough but soo worth it. I miss studying, it sucks when you in it, looking back makes it all worth it. what are you guys studying?
  13. Its Weird being back on MM, Im here for the food contest, Thanks Cubster! Which is empty by the way, disappointing, where are all the foodies gone?

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    2. Pistache


      Hii, a lot have you have changed your name. Thanks Mufasa, frankiefour arms, in South of France, you welcome to pick it up :P

    3. Abdul Rahman
  14. Buying myself a motorcycle

    Excuse moi what is that suppose to mean! Nothing to do with women, the worst accidents are actually motorbikes one, my father use to have one
  15. نساء

    I love the article, incroiyable, piece of art merci for sharing Oxy