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  1. It does. I don't like using Christian specific phrases anymore to try and bridge my understanding. Evangelicals ( and there are soooooo many here) have made the word blessing and bless a cultural code word. Yay! Thank you my brother
  2. Do we say the word blessings when describing something good from Allah(set)?
  3. The idea came while camping. The ground is too rocky to dig deep. Can a log be split, a space made then soil placed then the body then the other side of the log. I was imagining this as a different story, but the idea of how to bury someone if a hole can't be dug intrigued me. It would be a rotting, non memorial container. Interesting...
  4. Can a Muslim be buried in a log?
  5. I am compensating. Lol. I've had a lot of chest pain and shortness of breath, which is to be expected, anxiety, depression, manic. Had an allergic reaction to one of me meds that had to be switched up. Just a crap week. 😊
  6. AROwnen

    Hello again

    So in any communication between two people, there are four components. 1. What the sender says 2. What the recipient hears 3. What the recipient says in response 4. What the sender hears This is an over simplified statement. Haku wasn't using the word orgy in a sexual context, but as a common phrase to describe a typical online human interaction as an emotional, rather than reasonable, event. The statement you have made saying that Muslims are different from non Muslims in their empathy levels towards you may be true- to you. However the experience may be different for me or him or her. I'd like to beat whole sale ass of those who treated you that way. I was bullied quite a bit as well, by non Muslims- obviously- I believe ones religious affiliation is unimportant in cruelty. It's a human thing. Cruel monkeys.
  7. AROwnen

    Hello again

    So I'm quoting everything right now. It's late but I don't want to forget to answer. Two things quickly though; 1) I think the advice to seek therapy rather than giving appropriate Islamic advice is the fear of giving wrong advice in Islam rather than just shutting up or trying to understand. I'm guilty of this, of course. 2; There is nothing you ever did, said or dressed that warranted that treatment of you. It's a form of blaming the victim to keep a good lady down. It's bull♥♥♥♥.
  8. AROwnen

    Hello again

    OMG! Haku that made me laugh. I had already deleted all my accounts including Pinterest..
  9. AROwnen

    Hello again

    Someday this will be the coolest place again once FB, IG, snap chat et al lose the cool factor and people go back to actually talking...
  10. I don't think it's ruined at all.. There might be a new guy lurking.. The murtard thing is funny because some do and have questioned that- not seriously but seriously. It's a topic a new Muslim has to face. And the actual treatment of women. And antisemitism. These are my experiences until some brave soul that's new contributes. I like the list too. I think I finally found a home. Ironically it's almost all Pakistani and I feel like I can relate because of you guys. You awkward, on the spectrum, food loving brothers and sisters. I'll post pictures Monday or Sunday when I'm not working and go back. I'm going to join the children's classes and bug everyone.
  11. I was referring to family and friends and even just casual aquaintences. America is a very competitive place, even socially, and ones place is never settled, always scrutinized by others. I do this too, often subconsciously. I think more so than other cultures. I don't feel that so much from other cultures- brown cultures? Lol. I feel something different then. Something from my own heart- I think. A Pakistani man came up to me Weds after Magrib and said he loved me. He barely spoke English. He had striking eyes and an asymmetrical face from some type of trauma, a jaw set wrong after a fracture and he was bigger than me and powerful strong. It was the most unique experience. I would like to see "Howl" rewritten for the generations after me. I wonder how it would read... how it would sound?
  12. The idea of being moody or emotional as a woman's perview is extremely sexist. It's human and honest to be both emotional and insecure AND smart and strong. Men and women have different traits to compliment each other, like a dove tail joint. The idea of a silent obedient wife is as ridiculous as a man whose always wise and strong. They are ideals that are presented in our childhood myths, but are not realistic. And I don't trust overly religious people. There's a dishonesty to that I think. Something bad, hidden in them. A secret shame. I've tried over the years to find the ideal mate. I've fallen in love. Often it seems. I love failing in love. I love being in love. But we grow. Often in different directions and the world, now, is so rapidly changing. My grandparents world was so much slower in all things that a couple could grow together in a life time so that estrangement happened, but they were elderly by that time and it was no longer important. My parents' generation was a faster world so the estrangement happened quicker and mine again quicker. Yours? I can't imagine.
  13. The trouble is we look crazy to them. A lot of us are lonely. I know I am, chronically. So we may have looked at other things before Islam. This, then, looks like a pattern of attention seeking or just being odd. It's difficult to appear sincere when our pasts can say that we are not. Particularly when drugs and alcohol are involved in a person's coping past.
  14. One of the things I've never gotten was a promotion based on anything other than time worked. I've always worked for companies. My success may have had a race friendly bias, but the actual promotions? I don't think so. 🤔.
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