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  1. Hi Owen. Skin so soft was great! I tried it and the mosquitoes stayed away.

    1. AROwnen


      Yep! It's good just around neck and ankles and wrists!

    2. Breeze


      Can use it anywhere really. Good stuff helps with bites too.

  2. AROwnen

    Last show you watched

    Ok. I watched it. It was actually pretty good. Sigh. I have no taste.
  3. AROwnen

    Last show you watched

    Ok. I'm not watching it anymore. It's just a video game story line? And really? She's acyber expert? ,
  4. AROwnen

    Last show you watched

    Hardore Henry. I'm watching it now.
  5. AROwnen

    What's new

    No ma'am. My risk of bleeding in the head from any reason goes back to normal. The medication makes me bruise easily because it prevents clot formation.. So for the last year and few months I've been bruising anywhere I knock my self. Which I do. A lot. Because I'm active.
  6. AROwnen

    What's new

    My head didn't get knocked but I was always afraid it would be. Lol
  7. AROwnen

    What's new

    I miss Pistachio! And Spud.. So I went to doctor yesterday. Been 14 months since my chest got froggy. I lost thirty pounds. Yay. I am now off everything but the statin and the ASA. And in about five days I will be cleared of increased risk of bleeding strokes and hematoma from knocking my head. The bruising should stop then. She was very very happy. Alhamdulila.
  8. AROwnen

    Currently Eating...

    I made chicken biryani last night! And this yogurt condiment called raita? Anyway. Good but so so spicy.
  9. AROwnen

    Midori here

    Oh!! I wonder what mine would be? Asalamalaikum Midori! Nice to meet you.
  10. AROwnen

    Midori here

    What is innnfp and enfpp?
  11. AROwnen

    Root Canal treatment :(

    I'm on a special blood thinner that makes all of it incidental ( puns galore) right now.
  12. AROwnen

    MM'ers you miss

    Me. I miss me.
  13. AROwnen

    Root Canal treatment :(

    Hey. I'm about to get two more root canal and a tooth pulled. I'm thinking not.. Pull them all I'm thinking. Dentures. Big white horse teeth looking things that make me look like I'm smiling no matter what
  14. AROwnen


    Hey. I have nothing to say but a desire to speak. So, what?