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  1. Random Islamic Questions

    No worries Haku, my prime survival strategy for masjid is bumbling white guy who doesn't interrupt. Whenever I say anything I plant a quizzical look on my face and say it in the form of a question. The masjid is full of frustrated lecturers who stand way too close for my comfort. The Moroccan man is actually a friend who got me a thobe and wool hat so we can go around like twins. No lie. Breeze- I don't know what to say. The imagining of a woman trying to bow and plant her backside seems awkward and painful? If it makes you feel better I creak like a wooden gate in the wind when I pray. Loud enough to get quick glances. Forget about sitting my haunches on my heels with my toes pointing front. Easier to bend a rail spike. Lol
  2. Random Islamic Questions

    There are many processes that create alcohol, as I'm sure you know. Vinegar being one. I think I read that it has to be less than or equal to 0.05% or 0.1 proof at the time of ingestion. So I have a question. I got several lectures and was treated as if I were in the verge of heresy the other day for saying I didn't see anything wrong with female imams. Isn't there historical precedent? And is it not allowed? And what is the deal with a woman's butt that makes prayer impossible? ( That last was the argument of a very emphatic Moroccan man
  3. Random Islamic Questions

    I believe so. It was a source of abrogation in the Quran and there are third party sources that talked about wine being drunk by almost everyone in the area where the old prophets lived such as Roman and Egyptian accounts. I think the wine was safer than water in many areas but that may be just my European roots showing
  4. Fat vs carb

    Doing well. I've lost seventeen pounds and kept it off, exercising, not smoking so much and keeping my meds on track. I think the difference with this study is the number of people sampled and the time frame. Both quite large and involved. Most studies use much smaller samples.
  5. Fat vs carb

    I'm writing this in response to a new report on a study that was very comprehensive. Dealing with fats. It turns out, everything I've ever thought about dieting, weight loss, health nutrition was flawed fundamentally. Though there is a relationship between fats and blood cholesterol levels, ( cholesterol is, of course, a form of fat) plaque depositing is influenced far more by carbohydrate intake, smoking, exercise and family history. So much so that people on low fat diets have a shorter life span than people with high fat diets. People with high carb life styles, especially refined sugar intake- think soda, snack cakes ,processed foods and such had the highest death rates. Haku made this point to me months ago, but I was too entrenched to listen. He has the name of the study and the math breakdown if desired. Crazy right? I ate beef and felt great.
  6. You're job is highly valuable to the community you serve. Right? You take people to doctors appointments and jobs to support families and all sorts of things. It involves travel. You can pray while driving without the physical form of prayer. Allah is always merciful and makes things easy. We make it hard. As I can attest.
  7. Cosmological Argument

    One can make arguments based on logic for the existence or not of God. St Thomas Aquinas did the prime mover unmoved argument a few centuries ago and Satre (sp) did the opposite in the 19th century. My personal logic is infinity +1. But that's me.
  8. The Meathead Thread

    http://www.livestrong.com/article/25872-foods-high-omega6-fatty-acids/ So what's the deal with fat and cholesterol plaque
  9. The Meathead Thread

    So why, do you think, my cardiologist and my nurses and therapists all say to lower saturated fat? I believe we're talking apples and oranges. Fats are good for you and important. Eliminating fat from your diet is unhealthy. The problem is saturated fat does raise cholesterol levels of the ldl type. This contributes to heart disease. All the advice and literature states to REDUCE the amount of saturated fat. In the Western diet, we eat too much of this type of fat. https://healthyforgood.heart.org/Eat-smart/Articles/Saturated-Fats Good summary article discussing the fat issue https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2017/04/26/saturated-fat-doesnt-lead-to-heart-disease-experts-argue-others-disagree/amp/
  10. The Meathead Thread

    I've spent the last month changing my diet, Cubbie, all whole grains, no sat fat, veggies. My lower intestines are in revolt. I can literally clear a room
  11. Question of free will

    One would have to remove all that is not free will from us; instincts, chemicals, structures, history. All of which influence how one behaves and the choices one may make. Right? The problem is, of coarse, would we be able to recognize free will if one were stripped of the things that are crucial to our survival as a species?.
  12. Inspiration For Excellent Action.

    Short and very sweet. Thank you.
  13. Hope all is well with everyone! At work again today! Three in a row, I feel so much better after work now. Alhamdulila!!

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  14. So does mm appear different to anyone else? There used to be a desktop version for phones, but it has gone, it seems 

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  15. Ok, I was sick of that update. Lol. Need a good joke. Anyone got one?

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