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  1. That's just how I feel.

  2. I qualified for a motorcycle racing

    Totally. Until I scrolled down. Then Lo behold, I had to put the Black Mirror 'blur' feature on my screen.
  3. Listening to...

    Am I wrong for trying to reach the things I can't see?
  4. Listening to...

    Mr Probz - Waves One of those songs you go back & listen to.
  5. I qualified for a motorcycle racing

    I check out motorcycles in general. This is not the only motorcycle I've checked out.
  6. MM Awards 2024

    I don't even know what a cryptography means. I had to Google that. Rejected freshis in Uni, man stalked me to my home.
  7. I qualified for a motorcycle racing

    Well I'm not a gay man and no comment. Male hijab police!
  8. MM Awards 2024

    Oh for God's sake. I'm out.
  9. MM Awards 2024

    No-one cares about that anymore.
  10. I qualified for a motorcycle racing

    Very cool! Can I now have a feminist rant about how if a woman wore that motorcycle suit and posted a pic of their rear they would get told on MM. Male hijab police! Injustice! Inequality!
  11. British problems. Mixing up “cheers” and “thanks” to make “chanks!” and now you can never see that person again

  12. Last film you watched?

    I really recommend Ertugrul. It reminds you of how Muslims were put against each other and what they lost.
  13. Last film you watched?

    Been watching atypical and it makes me feel retarded. Now will see this soon. https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80127001
  14. Cubster's Eating Records

    I'm really into lady fingers handi and liver and it's full of iron. Very good for women. I tend to have a sweet dessert like a mini creme egg and mini choc. It's probably more about eating nutritious food than anything. With nutrition you eat less but feel better and its quality. If you're having to snack on unhealthy stuff then you're not eating a nutritious enough meal. I have smaller portion sizes though. A lot of people lose weight when they cut out carbs like bread but you need to substitute them. It's not healthy. If I could eat more, I would but I get bloated.