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  1. Oh god my previous reading list... I didn't get round to finishing those ofc.
  2. I think it's called skinny fat. I know someone who looks healthy but had a heart condition so it's something that I tend to think maybe it's not how you look on the outside, but how you are on the inside.
  3. I've been on takeaways for the past month. We have construction at home. At work, I ate two pizza's, a cheese ploughman sandwich and a Cadbury egg. Oh, my students offered some crisps. People are like you're okay eating all that, but I'm concerned about internal fat. I missed my bus because I chose to get some more food ๐Ÿ˜•
  4. So I went into the doctors to ask about injections and I ended up saying "can I have the jab letter?" No wonder the receptionist looked at me all confused. Then I had a moment of how do I rephrase this so people in my hometown understand my mind. So I explained my situation and she was like "oh the vaccination form" I was like "sorry I'm not familiar with medical terms."
  5. Urgent Seasons (Nour Nasrah in Syria) I feel like overcasting urgent clouds Which fear the boredom of God, disturbance for hearing his voice At night. It waits to become wetted with a drowned tune And to pull out our arranging dates from Banks of the river. * I disconnect from you When the last button Is cut by my teeth, Like the fieldโ€™s child Who goes down on grass Without worrying about her fall Or words those she uttered. So is love Its banquets become plenty When the farewell comes true. * My vile shadow Does not smile to outsiders, I cry as new pores are open in my skin, And become the stitches of your nails or teeth Much easier. You do not need a huge amount of hate to do Just fill your quiver with a plenty of memories. I wonder? Really hate you? So why I do still stumble with The light of your face? And the laughter of yours Spoils the foodstuff of my mouth. And whenever the wind blows Ignite lantern of anxiety for me. * I do not put the green almonds In my pocket But I make of trees A shade appropriate To my soul that dumb, When it copulates an escaped hope. And you say: come here to fly together What air would carry us? And who will raise my dress? * What does it mean to love me? To pick up all the kisses from my mouth, I saved for you I kiss the wound of your mouth And just satisfy with the salt taste.
  6. I've started eating double since I started work. I think it is partly to do with having more exercise and an increase in appetite maybe related to age.
  7. Sawtil mar'a thawra Dog by Mona Hayder.
  8. I like this song too. Very relatable.
  9. Trust in Allah (spoken word).
  10. The emoji's don't always come out properly on chat. I end up clicking hard and to no avail. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  11. I think I've been more into non-fiction books, I do have a look at those fiction books on my Kindle that I bought ages ago but never read. Recently, I read about a lady that's a teacher and she was surprised that her daughter converted to non-fiction, because the mother was into literature. It shouldn't be a requirement to be into one topic rather than another because they both tie in together. We can't expect that someone else will take after us, no matter how much we value our work and our craft. The library guy called and my copy of 'Lord of the Flies' has arrived so I'll be picking that up tomorrow (hopefully). I'm excited to read that but very overwhelmed with my reading list. I'd write the whole list down if it didn't feel too much.
  12. Nothing else matters - female version of Metallica
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