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  1. Breeze

    Hello again

    Hi. I think we're holding up just about.
  2. Breeze

    Listening to...

    One word: Masha'Allah
  3. Breeze

    MMers who meet!

    Where I work you can wear any hijab colour but the uniform is an abaya or jilbab. I already had a jilbab from Saudi. The head is an Arabic speaker so I suppose she prefers that dress. I Iove wearing it so I don't mind. In my last secular workplace, they were all bullies and made me wear a labeled bright red t-shirt or bright blue. It was so horrendous. I used to change into it when I got there, but the hours were too much. Later on, I started wearing a full sleeved black top under it. I prefer Islamic dress above all, it looks good and it feels good.
  4. Breeze

    MMers who meet!

    Spud on the right, Mo on the left. I would've been able to tell.
  5. Breeze

    Listening to...

  6. Breeze

    Random Islamic Questions

    ... That doesn't sound right.
  7. Breeze

    Listening to...

    I look at this thread and think what the heck was I listening to. Even my music taste takes a U-turn and changes.
  8. Breeze

    Cubster's Eating Records

    That's okay because I wasn't a runner and I wasn't so many things & still Uni hit me.
  9. Breeze

    Last show you watched

    Skipped through a historical one called 'Magnificent History,' and it was depressing to see Muslims fall so bad in that. So that's why I skipped through, I knew the story but it was just a pain to watch. The Turks were like Europe as they are now. Everything they had was short-lived, check the actors then and now. They are ruined.
  10. Breeze

    New Muslim Area

    Aww, I hope you are better soon. Get some rest now.
  11. Breeze

    Religious typology quiz

    My childhood friend had Sunday Stalwart. 🤣 I'm not that surprised, I haven't seen a decent girl like her.
  12. Breeze

    Religious typology quiz

    Diversely Devout. Except with spiritual energy, I meant that I am reminded of Allah who created nature, rather than the crystal energy & reincarnation stuff.
  13. Breeze

    Hello again

    That's true. And no worries, every experience is a lesson learned and the story continues. I had a moment of introspection and reflection that went deeper than I thought.
  14. Breeze

    Hello again