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  1. Breeze

    New Muslim Area

    Owen, as long as you aren't a redneck, you should be alright!
  2. Breeze

    New Muslim Area

    I grew up with white racism, from the age of 4 a kid shouted a racist slur when I was at a bday party. I think many Muslims have already been through Islamophobia and racism that were more understanding towards it and tend to look beyond that. Yeah, you can't look Pakistani and don't have to be one. I found the Western culture is not a collectivist culture but there's a lot of unhappiness because it largely depends on your social circle. It's very individualistic and be yourself idea, when 'you' are always going to change. The person I was a month ago, isn't the same and after marriage, I wouldn't be the same person either. I think we should accept everyone as they are, like you said. For the record, a New Muslims experience isn't that different to a Muslims experience, we've experienced it for longer. I find that I go in and out of guidance as circumstances change and imaan gets shaky. It's hard for me to be accepted as well as white people don't get me and many brown people don't understand why I don't talk like them and do what they do. I just find a middle way that I'm comfortable with and that's better for me. I have an aunts who chose to wear hijab after marriage and one that didn't because she didn't want to wear it on her face or was brave enough to. It's their choice.
  3. Breeze

    New Muslim Area

    I don't know about the situation in the US. Where we live, there's more stuff for New Muslims to do. People enjoy listening to their stories about conversion. I had a meeting with a new Muslim and he had tattoos, he was interested in meeting so I came with my fam. Yeah, we don't discriminate on colour but it's based on suitability. I mean it's a long shot, but there will be some family that accepts New Muslims into their home. I had a friend who married a non-Muslim guy but her mum was split from her dad. He wore the traditional garments on the wedding, which isn't saying don't be yourself it's just embracing a culture different to yours. You can go back to wearing the usual afterwards.
  4. Breeze

    Listening to...

    One republic - all the right moves in all the wrong places Company - TInashe Snow tha product - let you go
  5. I thought you were a sister! Haha, until I read the desi thing.

    1. limitofx


      Should I be taking this as a compliment?

    2. Breeze


      Of course. You're funny

  6. Breeze

    Cubster's Eating Records

    That's good. There are some attas that don't stick and if you use oil, it's not sticky when making it. A roti machine is supposed to be coming out soon. People have been on the waiting list for years.
  7. Breeze

    Cubster's Eating Records

    Ooh spelt flour roti, I heard about spelt, was it any good? I had a bad eating day. Well I made this omelette with beans & cheese and then just had fruit as I lost my appetite. Oh I mixed yoghurt with methi aloo.
  8. Breeze

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    Blood on the dance floor - Bewitched "Your heart in love, as I destroy the end of you."
  9. Breeze

    Random Islamic Questions

    http://simplysalafiyyah.com/was-the-prophet-received-with-singing-and-drumming-on-arriving-in-madeenah.html Here it says the song sang when the Prophet (pbuh) returned to Madinah is 'baseless' 'flimsy' and unreliable. I want to know how reliable it is because I felt otherwise.
  10. Breeze

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  11. Breeze

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    If he feels this way about me, I will marry him. In your eyes by Peter G.
  12. Breeze

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    saw this on Xfactor audition, i don't usually watch Xfactor but this grabbed my eye.
  13. Breeze

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    Benny Blanco - Eastside
  14. Breeze

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    Muse - Dark side Muse - something human For good vibes - humility by Gorillaz about humanity which is nice. Krewella <3
  15. Breeze

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    Fed up of maintstream love songs.