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  1. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Frank Ocean - Swim good
  2. Breeze

    FIFA 2018...

    It's alright. England lost and Trump is in our backyard...the latter is more of a loss.
  3. Breeze

    Midori here

    Personality types but it's a load of rubbish as we change according to situation. It only accounts for some of our personality. There's nutters that support Myer Briggs personality test without question. I used to be one of those nutters.
  4. Breeze

    FIFA 2018...

    Yes England scored go on! It's coming homeee Oh no what a nasty turn of events...
  5. Breeze

    FIFA 2018...

    Was walking to work and the bin guys began shouting out their car then I walked further & it happened again. Just hooligans that are betting on the hope of England winning the world cup.
  6. Breeze

    Who use to be on Mux?

    I think I was. Wasn't it like a social experiment for someone's book?
  7. Breeze

    FIFA 2018...

    I heard England lost on purpose too. A strategy to get into semi finals like you said.
  8. Breeze

    FIFA 2018...

    Columbians play dirty. And this England and Columbian game is so frustrating. Columbians are desperate and running and hitting others like headless chickens. But they scored to a draw. It's just too tense. I had to inform some people that Columbians speak Spanish not columbian they didn't believe me lol. Yay we won!!! Didn't expect us to win on penalties.
  9. Breeze


    R-z doesn't seem to understand this. Not everyone online is the same person in reality. Eg. A kid who is fine outside of the home may act up inside the home.
  10. Breeze


    Speak away. I like chatting as you can see. Chatterbox.
  11. Breeze

    Currently Eating...

    in the back of my head I imagined you saying 'falafel' with a strong Arabic accent.
  12. Breeze


    don't act like you're perfect. As God knows were not.
  13. Breeze

    Currently Eating...

    Mashallah sister. Mashallah khoob kao