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  1. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Think I'm from space My soul fell downI found the earthNot leaving nowI know your faceThink you fell tooAnd ain't no place now, if I got you Zayn if I got you. And his next song natural.
  2. Breeze

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    Zayn's new song
  3. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Okay his vocals are great
  4. Breeze

    Listening to...

    She is very underrated.
  5. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Coward & dream - Alaina Alexander Sitting here wasting time again once again (..) thinking about last night baby I couldn't make things right (..) you're not the one for me. I caught you like a dirty disease, floating past my knees baby please. Please. I got plenty of time, patient kind, don't care what they say, I'm walking my way. I got a car in my name. I don't care about fame (..) You'll never be a better man while raising your hand. I'm not your coward, I don't want to be the girl to make you come. I don't want to be a coward, I just want to be a lady to make you run.
  6. Breeze

    When Iman (belief) in Allah disappears

    My eyes hurt
  7. Breeze

    Coast to Coast - Winter Edition

    If you ever bike to the Shire let me know. That's where I live.
  8. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Our generation with the song "were chasing the easy life." If only it was that easy.
  9. Breeze

    Listening to...

    "You're a stranger to the world, but you're an angel to me. And as long as God is above you, the world is at your feet." Karter Zaher. "Hijabi Queen." & Deen Squad Mabrook, Salam etc.
  10. Breeze

    Islam and the Theory of Evolution

    I haven't yet, no. Is it any good?
  11. Breeze

    Islam and the Theory of Evolution

    *bump* I'm watching a documentary about how apes evolved into humans. I know about verses in the Quran, if I remember correctly the children of Israel kept denying the truth and Allah was like "be you apes, despised!" So that is what happened. What parts of the evolution theory are acceptable and what isn't?
  12. Breeze

    What are you reading?

    It's not the best age to return to. Sometimes books seem interesting and when you start reading it's like what the actual heck is this? Most of the time it is with library books that I've picked up. When I buy a book I tend to read more into it before buying and it saves the trouble.πŸ“–πŸ“š
  13. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Soul food.
  14. Breeze

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    Looove this.