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  1. "Helping one person may not change the world. But it could change the world for one person." 

  2. I'd rather be real than get paid for being fake.

  3. Chinese babies though...so cute. :wub:

  4. My fav poems

    Baring it by Rosemerry 'A Hundred Falling Veils.' Over time, the body, when bitten enough, can build up a tolerance to mosquito bites so that they no longer itch. Then—though you might be bitten a hundred times on each arm and again on each leg— you won’t be bothered. This comes to mind when you walk in the store and see by chance the person whose words and glares have bitten you ten thousand times before. You forgot your long sleeves. But this time, when you leave the coffee aisle where you’ve both been perusing the dark roast, you notice nothing. Nothing at all. No rise. No ire. No welt. No itch. No need to swat. No need to scratch. Nothing at all. And you laugh and wonder if the laugh is disguising a pain response, but no, you’re just laughing because you’re proof that sometimes after having been bitten enough a tolerance comes— and it doesn’t happen often, but it happens. Call it grace. Call it luck. Call it paying your dues. Whatever it is, it feels so good you may never cover up again. ~ Baring it. Rosemerry A Hundred Falling Veils
  5. My fav poems

    Posting poetry that I love.
  6. Haha...no comment. That's how much I understand this convo.
  7. People outside of MM consider me as robotic. -_- 

    I couldn't force empathy out so didn't get in for that role.

    1. Breeze


      I don't make a very good actress.

  8. nope. I don't think in numbers. What's that dash on the equals? Ok to be honest after you explained it, I get it. Haha
  9. Our Lord! Give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.(Al-Baqarah:201)

  10. only Haku can make maths look so beautiful. And I didn't understand any of this at all. I used to look out of the window in every maths lesson.
  11. You must be busy. Just to remind you about my question on the view you and Mo- hold about selfishness existing in everyone. What about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was he a selfish person? And are you saying that it is impossible to live an unselfish life? I mean there are choices we make that are selfish and others where we do for society. Not necessarily to reap rewards and benefits. It all depends on our core values.

    1. superman


      everyone does something coz it makes them feel good in some way. If u sacrifice something for a loved one - it means that loved one means more to you than that sacrifice - so ultimately it comes back to how u feel and wat action wud make u feel better


      regarding the prophet - considering he's considered exceptional I am not comfortable answering questions like this regarding him

    2. Breeze


      Exactly. That's why we all need to work towards being unselfish.

  12. Listening to...

    No beats necessary - FULL MOON
  13. Monsters don't have a conscience

  14. I walked into a lamppost.

  15. idk. I haven't read the thread yet tbh carry on
  16. “Government-issued currencies have value because they represent human trust and cooperation. There is no wealth and no trade without these two things, so you might as well go all-in and trust people. There are no financial instruments that will protect you from a world where we no longer trust each other.”
  17. Creative ideas at midnight. Might as well send them off.

  18. Listening to...

    I listen to a lot of songs from the guys perspective. Blackbear - do re mi Blackbear - Idfc BB - girls like you drink bleach
  19. I really wish some people weren't so loud at home >.< my ear drums are going to explode.

  20. Listening to...

    And a lust for life. Keeps us alive.
  21. Is rolling up your food haram?

    Common sense would say that rolling your food isn't haraam unless you are doing it with bad intentions. Mum made you food, be grateful. If you're doing it out of spite then it's an issue.
  22. Is rolling up your food haram?

    Is making a churi out of roti haraam?
  23. Is rolling up your food haram?

    As long as it's food and sushi and nothing else How old are you? I was going to ask if you're a kid or not so I can adjust the answer. Do you mean like rolling up roti? Or just being fussy with food and leaving some in your plate?
  24. Creative days are the best :flower: