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  1. Man I can't stand not having a challenge, not having a competition. Bring it. 

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    Rak Suuuu - Mona Lisa
  3. Thread Al-3rabi

    for what? my Arabic is basic
  4. Islam and the Theory of Evolution

    Haku always gets sarcastic. I just catch on so slow.
  5. Islam and the Theory of Evolution

    Before I read this long arse thread... Just watching about people finding early human fossils in caves (ape-like). I understand that Allah swt turned a nation of people into apes. But there are articles like this claiming that Islam accepts the evolutionary theory. So I am getting confused on what in the evolutionary theory is acceptable. And what we should believe in - as if it were me the ape explanation (that people who were disobedient were turned is sufficient). They found a mix of humans and ape fossils so like Enigma was saying?
  6. Netflix n chill

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    Natasha Schneider - Who's in control
  8. GERD and heartburn. Explained

    I can't remember a time in MM when there were interesting topics. Although you have the topic derailed by interesting lines of thought. I can remember every prank made, for some strange reason.
  9. Theresa May has also pledged to tackle what she called the "inhuman destruction of the Rohingya people".

  10. So dense... hahaha.

    1. Breeze


      (about someone else not anyone on MM!)

  11. Some people are just GOLD without the paycheck. 

    1. Breeze


      💎never forget them 💎

  12. "You better act right. I'm about 2 seconds from being out of the door."

  13. Cubster's Eating Records

    I have the worst cravings too. Good that you found an alternative. I really want caramel digestives. >.<
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    Selena - Wolves. I've been running through the jungle. I've been running with the wolves. To get to you.
  15. Stranger things inspiring telekinetic revenge in kids https://twitter.com/i/moments/927668972723494912

  16. Random Islamic Questions

    Here's to hoping Sage Sky or Haku might see this. I heard that the Prophet had good companions and he needed them? If not for them, he would've struggled. Well, that makes me think about how I've lived without good companions (friends) in my life. Whether I should've 'needed' them. And what problems that can create in a person when they are without that social support. I've grown quite used to be alone and even liking my own company at times.
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    INFJ music (recommended by a guy with the same personality). The angel and inner demon divide
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    Anyone know about Katy Perry's identity crisis? "You're from a whole another world, a whole different dimension. You open my eyes & I'm ready to go. Lead me into the light."
  19. I got a new to me 2008 R6 for my new track bike

    If his gf knew what I know - she would steal his ducati and probably drive it into a river and dispose of it's remains.
  20. I got a new to me 2008 R6 for my new track bike

    Yeah I don't talk to him now as he was treating me like I was a therapist.
  21. Khan wants to fight Mayfeather cuz he's never been "outboxed" pfffffrt. 

    1. Breeze


      He forgot that Canelo beat his arse.

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    A good remix can change the whole vibe:
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    Kayla was listening to Nirvana* and I'm into them now x