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  1. Breeze

    Hello again

    You guys are talking about this like someone is going bald. Let's enjoy what is left of the herd. 🐂
  2. Breeze

    Hello again

    No problem. Where I live we use it casually.
  3. Breeze

    Hello again

    Also Shaver posted pictures of his bike and butt. You missed that. 😂🤭 And Spider got really weird like weirder than he is and became this NN troll. Much worse than Mo and Spud combined in trolling. NN literally sent death sentences to everyone so it made us question Spider's mental health. And while Spider was in Bangladesh getting married. The rest of us were ranting on MM about how we don't want kids and don't want to marry soon. 😄
  4. Breeze

    Hello again

    Right my phone won't let me reply. Well you haven't missed much except the era of MM extinction and trolling. Spud and Mo make a deadly team together. Welcome back Sal. I'm happy cuz it's sunny weather and I'm made for this ☀️😎🇵🇰
  5. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Pray for me - weeknd & kendrick. "Just in case my faith go, I live by my own."
  6. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Higher love - Tyler James. I still remember this take on it.
  7. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Surah Ya Sin (translation by Pickthall). Umm also checked out Zayn's new song but the video is just weird. In fact, he's ruined himself to the point where I have to close my eyes to listen. Let me - by Zayn
  8. Yes I think your site has potential. However, if you widen your selection of books then you may so even better. I usually buy from Amazon as their selection of Islamic books is suited for all tastes and interests. In Islamic shops this is limited to a few topics.
  9. Why don't you have any books on Ibn Arabi? How much is shipping to the UK? Thank you.
  10. Breeze

    Listening to...

    This wordly life - Maher Zain. Worldly life - there I spelt it right. spelled it right I type way too fast. Thank Grammarly for helping me out.
  11. Breeze

    Listening to...

    You're not alone, I'll wait till the end of time for you.
  12. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Imagine Dragos = Radio active. I'm breathing in the chemicals *gasp*
  13. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Kendrick & Weeknd - pray for me. Marshmello & Anne- Marrie - FRIENDS. You're not my lover, more like a brother. I've known you since we were like 10. Don't go look at me with that look in your eye. You really ain't going away without a fight. You can't be reasoned with, I'm done with being polite.
  14. Breeze

    Hi, I'm new to the forum!

    Hi Alex . Welcome to this forum Mo- knows quite a lot about the Middle East, I'm sure you can have interesting discussions here. I'm interested in Muslim history and I started learning about Istanbul, the Byzantine Empire back to when there was Sparta! I also love watching Ertugrul, have you seen it? It's a historical series (based on true Turkish history) about the son of Suleyman Shah who founded the Ottoman Empire.
  15. Breeze

    My favourite quotes of Umar Ibn Al Khattab

    May we follow their example.
  16. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Better than this - Heather Jayne. "I'm done playing the nice guy. I'm done being the ally. Oh won't you wipe those dry eyes? Won't you say your last goodbyes? You think you're better than this. You think you're God's gift, well you're wrong."
  17. Breeze

    Listening to...

    Someone close to me was like "you're a lovely girl you're just moody." Hahaha. I'm listening to a moody girl song by Frank Stallone.
  18. Breeze

    Listening to...

  19. Love a Muslim day 💝 is everyday!

  20. Keep getting pranked with a fake bug. :wacko:

  21. Breeze


    To click or not to click. That is the question
  22. Ertugrul is better than GoT. With Ertugrul it can be watched as a family. 

  23. Aww man I understand how frustrating that can be from a student's perspective. I went through lecturers that did the bare minimum to help their students and I didn't go to a well-off school or nothing like that. I went to a state school majority Caucasian and the teachers hated us there too. So having to go through a long line of teachers who hate students and teaching kids was like teaching me how not to teach, how not to behave. I can imagine that his behaviour has an impact on you and others around him. I'm sorry to hear that he isn't pulling his weight and helping out.
  24. Breeze

    Funny Moments at Speakers Corner!

    Yeah it could bring about more fitna. As Spud mentioned regarding the situation between two brothers.
  25. "Daughter of my daughter a feminine being is meant to learn from their light. You are made of stars, daughter of my daughter, made of women who cure traumas in the night."