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  1. DA'

    Home Sweet Home

    home sweet home was just awesome actually think of awesome in your minds and multiply it by 100!! honestly if ppl didnt get an opportunity to go to it in manchester or london then definately go to the one In birmingham in June even if you have to travel as i dont think sheikh Alaa is going to do this course in the uk again its a must whether your single, married, have kids just EVERYONE!!
  2. has just finished preparing iftari for Sheikh Tawfique Chaudary!!!!

  3. DA'

    Eid Partyyyyy!

    As salam alaikam peeps JazakAllah khair for your suggestions. Alhumdulilah Eid was really enjoyable for everyone, with family and friends which matters the most and other fun stuff thrown in for the kiddies.
  4. DA'

    Home Sweet Home

    As salam alaikam I really want to go to this but manchester is kind of far with a toddler in tow and am really hoping it will come to other cities inshAllah. Although could still be a possibility of going to this, do you know if there is going to be a creche?
  5. DA'

    I need an exorcist

    Ruqya_Shariya@yahoo.co.uk ruqyah.org
  6. DA'

    Eid Partyyyyy!

    salams everyone How do you make Eid fun for lil ones? What made your Eids as a young child fun? Imagine if you were little again, what would make a really fun Eid day? I need some ideas folks. My sons not quite 2 yet( next month inshAllah) He doesnt understand the concept of Eid yet, but i want to make it as fun as possible, kind of incorporating the elements which make birthdays fun( oops) into Eid too So my ideas so far Balloons Eid banners and decorations bubble machines Eid cake pinata cupcakes fairy lights? A present which ideally is not a toy... games? like... Hmm what else?
  7. DA'

    Nisab for Zakat on diamonds and other stones.

    Zakat on Precious and Semi-Precious Stones There is a difference of opinion as to whether zakat is payable on precious stones Heres a link to a zakat calculator that might help zakat calculator An article on the issue
  8. DA'

    Public Fundraising

    just a note, I think the correct term to be used instead of 'begging' for money is 'raising' money I don't see anything wrong with it, as it encourages others to give, raises much more money then it would otherwise and benefits the needy which is the ultimate goal. Usually they don't make too much of a hoohaa of the people who donate perhaps just a name mentioned if they want or a dua for them. I don't know why your dissapointed Musa that Imam Siraaj didnt give a talk, perhaps he was on a tour of many masjids. I think its great, you don't know how many poor and destitute people with the donations of others ,they helped to save ( same goes for sami yusuf) Allahu Alim
  9. why would it be ridiculous. You could just politely ask to be seen by your own gender. If there is a doc available they will usually let you. If they don't then at least you tried. I wouldn't refrain from asking just because I think it 'may' mess up their system. Why couldnt non-muslim females just go into those fields?
  10. DA'

    Why cant muslim girls date muslim guys?

    Eerrr what exactly do you learn? That your boyfriend likes butter popcorn and you like salty? It may all be good fun going out to restaurants, cinema's etc but its when your in a marriage that you learn about a person. Thats when the commitment comes in and the true love. Dating your just using each other..lust or whatever because two people can't be bothered to really show commitment to each other, through the thick and thin. And all the people I have asked have told me, you never know a person till you marry them, live with them. Even if you had dated them previously so what exactly are you trying to learn?
  11. DA'

    What I Had For Suhoor today

    nothing I dont know why the alarm didnt go off, just woke up with 5 mins left to pray fajr alhumduliliah so I've got a more or less 24 hour fast..not to bad so far alhumdulilah...some people go through much worse and don't even have an iftar to look forward to
  12. DA'


    How did you get from 18(since bt) to 25 so quickly? oh wait I'm old too, just kidding this is the prime of your youth, spend it wisely oh... errr wise one May you have an exceptionally happy and blessed life Hamzah! I was going to get Eesa to write a message to you but he's currently happily in the land of nod and refusing to get up
  13. was this the first time you taught the course? It probably went better than you thought. InshAllah you'll improve as you go on. 70 ppl turned up?!Thats quite a lot mashAllah! lol well your mum did say that you were her little baby ahaha I thought I'd get some tips on bringing up my lil one since she did a good job with hers haha I was looking out for someone of an 'aunty' age but your mum def can't call her aunty shes very cool mashAllah! Yeah inshAllah would be great to meet her again if Allah wills Hmm def try and come if We're in London InshAllah...would be lovely to meet the ameerah and other sisters again! Apparently Im doing the exam on Sunday!!! Travellers! I havnt prepared properly I thought it would be roughly same time as the main!!!!
  14. DA'

    Michael Jackson dead? :o

    Shows how music and fame messed up his life...wonder what caused the cardiac arrest??
  15. There's always two sides to a story. We don't even know his side of the story. As far as newspapers go..don't know if we will. I got a feeling he probably encouraged women to wear a hijab and it got all blown out of proportion.