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  1. Am reading the Secret Barrister. Man is this book boring. I am halfway through and I've mainly gotten a sense of how awful the UK criminal court system is. I am suprised at how awful it is but all the facts and stuff about how courts work is a snoozefest man.
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    Please post good explanations to your answer.
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    Tony likes to drink tea and wear a top hat. He watches EastEnders from time to time and likes going down the pub. Which country is he more likely to be from?
  4. I have chamber of secrets in Arabic. Maybe I should read it
  5. Yea I agree there's a lot of information so you gotta take it slow. I've had the book a week and am on page 160 - though that's coz I play too many video games
  6. I also read Harry Potter 2. It was okay.
  7. I read 12 books of a series of unfortunate events when I was 10 lol. The story was a bit convoluted at that point but interesting none the less. I had to wait 2 years for book number 13 to come out, by which point I forgot the entire story line. Needless to say I never finished that series
  8. Dude 500 pages is not that big.
  9. Proboards.com How much bandwidth do I get? With ProBoards' free forum hosting service, there are no limits on pageview bandwidth, the size of your membership, number of discussion threads, or forum activity levels. You are welcome to build a community of monumental proportions. Our forums are built to scale for large communities!
  10. Just migrate to a free site
  11. Dude its only like 500 pages (did I mention I have all day lol) Not everyone using system 2 would conclude that there is a logical flaw in thinking God is the creator. Of course if your system 2 disagrees with your system 1 then there's an issue there. It is not always clear cut which is correct because system 2 can easily fall victim to logical fallacies. As an example: Your system 1 can correctly believe the earth is round. Now say I watch a flat earth video with flawed logic. It is up to system 2 to analyse this logic. If the argument is convincing then system 2 may agree that the logic holds and will tell system 1 to believe the earth is flat.
  12. I am currently reading Think Fast and Slow. It talks about two systems in your brain. System 1 and 2. System 1 has associations stored with certain words, people, situations etc... But it isn't backed up by any logic. When it receives new information it tries to fit it into a cohesive story that fits into everything else it knows. Its reactions are instant. If I say psychology you may immediately say hocus pocus. That is system 1. System 2 is more logical. If you actively think about an assumption you hold then it is system 2 that is engaged. The problem with system 2 is that it is slow and consumes alot of energy. However it is used to back up or destroy any assumptions in system 1. This doesn't mean system 2 is clever. It tries to be logical sure but there can still be flaws in its thinking (quite alot as you read on). The take home so far is that both systems 1 and 2 can be easily exploited by various psychological techniques. Furthermore the beliefs held in system 1 are extremely powerful while not necessarily true. That is why when system 1 is challenged people may get defensive.
  13. Ad revenue on 8 ppl is like 50 per year
  14. Who's paying for this site
  15. The blind watch maker. It explains how random forces and chance can lead to life through what is known as cumulative selection. I thought it was a bit wordy at times because he gives alot of attention to explain the maths involved.
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