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  1. Is insurance a scam?

    I understand that insurance makes sense - you pay $1000/year and all your assets (potentially worth 100,000s of dollars) are protected. But the whole business model depends on most people never needing to make a claim. Could you not argue that instead of paying an insurance company the vast majority of people are better off putting that money aside in a savings account or something. Of course there will be a couple of people who are totally screwed over when they can't repair their house - but most people end up better off without insurance
  2. Cubster's Eating Records

    I saw a program yday Wer they said even if u go over caloric intake by 100 calories daily it adds up over a month Wer ull gain about 1 kg. 100 calories is a biscuit or packet of crisps. If u go slightly below Ur daily energy requirements then the opposite happens over time. Basically there's not neccesarily much difference in diet between losing and gaining weight.
  3. Random Islamic Questions

    Lol it's a rumor I heard that fruit has trace alcohol. Also apparently you can drink alcohol as long as Ur not intoxicated
  4. Random Islamic Questions

    say good bye to apples, oranges, pears .. etc and maybe even coke and pepsi
  5. just ran for 25 minutes, 1st time ever in my life, cudnt even run 60 secs in September lmao

    1. Breeze


      I'm the same. Will have to build up stamina 

    2. cubster


      Just thinking about running makes me tired :P

    3. Mo-


      Well done!

  6. Cubster's Eating Records

    I'm overweight despite watching what I eat. Unfortunately for people with genes like ours we have to walk atleast 3 miles everyday
  7. The Investments Thread

    If I go in a business venture 48% to 52% with some other guy what's to stop him from diluting my shares to 10% while he retains 90% of the company.
  8. Which type of birth is better for women?

    y r u worrying about this ur not even married lol
  9. Cubster's Eating Records

    strength exercises (such as for abs) have more advantages than just making you look healthy
  10. Cubster's Eating Records

    if you have the time I would also recommend doing some form of cardio throughout the week. To get you started, the Couch 2 5k podcasts are really good.
  11. Economics as Religion

    As I mentioned I've been listening to Thomas Sowell Basic Economics and this is the impression that book gives me (attached in image) As far as economics being a religion - I dunno, a lot of the stuff he says actually makes a lot of sense. There is a lot of logical thinking involved and it doesn't sound like pseudoscience. (Black circle should be renamed "Useful Goods". One thing Sowell says is that a lot of resources can be wasted in producing unneeded items. In capitalism this unnecessary production of goods results in losses.
  12. Communism can work very well and is an excellent system... just not for humans. Communism is the system enlisted by colonies of bees or ants in order to make their hives operate at great efficiency, and I think it works really well for them. Every bee just gets on with the specialisation nature intended for it. People on the other hand are ambitious and have self interests. I don't really think communism could ever work out for people like it does for other animals.
  13. the issue here is that it becomes somewhat arbitrary what can and can't be under government control. For instance do we put healthcare under government control like we do with security (ie police). Also you would need some level of taxation for the govt to fund roads, army etc what role does the govt play in a free market economy? And are they part of the economy or in charge of it?
  14. How does policing work in a free market economy. Surely the rise of private security companies is a bad idea?
  15. v good point about university. The problem with free market education is that wealthier people have greater access to it. There is then a danger that those who are less well off will be left in the dust when it comes to competing in the market place. (The son of a successful CEO may get the best education in the world in becoming a CEO just by talking to his dad. This will give him a large lead when it comes to competing for CEO positions)