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  1. Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    Isn't this like asking weather or not it's halal to buy a winning lottery ticket?
  2. Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    Do you actually believe people who consume bitcoin are willing to pay those crazy prices for it - or do you think the prices are being driven up by excited investors such as yourself. That will determine weather or not bitcoins a bubble.
  3. Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    ahh that makes so much sense. I wonder how we can stop bubbles tho
  4. Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    I wonder why bubbles are bad for the economy? It's not like that people wasted got destroyed - it just got given to someone else.
  5. Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    you seriously didn't understand that 100 minus 99.9 is 0.1...??
  6. Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    I think most purchasers of bitcoint weren't even consumers lol
  7. You must be busy. Just to remind you about my question on the view you and Mo- hold about selfishness existing in everyone. What about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was he a selfish person? And are you saying that it is impossible to live an unselfish life? I mean there are choices we make that are selfish and others where we do for society. Not necessarily to reap rewards and benefits. It all depends on our core values.

    1. superman


      everyone does something coz it makes them feel good in some way. If u sacrifice something for a loved one - it means that loved one means more to you than that sacrifice - so ultimately it comes back to how u feel and wat action wud make u feel better


      regarding the prophet - considering he's considered exceptional I am not comfortable answering questions like this regarding him

    2. Breeze


      Exactly. That's why we all need to work towards being unselfish.

  8. Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    how is this relevant to bitcoin
  9. Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    1) you could argue that for every successful business someone else had to lose out. Ie Walmart crushes local competition when it moves into a new area. Based on that is it halal to invest in Walmart. 2) I don't know what you technically mean by speculation but you are pretty much guaranteed a profit in this thought experiment (see binomial distribution)
  10. Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    Is betting multiple times on a biased random walk haram. So if a coin has 70% chance of being heads and 30% chance of being tales and if you win you double your money. So if I have $100 I am (pretty much) guaranteed a profit if I keep betting $1 on heads.
  11. Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    I wouldn't think so. The insurance company assumes your risk - so you are buying a service from them. People don't get insurance hoping on the off chance their house gets flooded so they can win a payout - they buy insurance in order to secure their assets incase of a disaster
  12. Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    i mean that adds market value to bitcoin - so if anything it detracts from bitcoin being a bubble
  13. An awesome shirt i found, Proud to be Muslim.

    you can design the shirt and teesprings have a factory that produces the shirts on demand. You get like a 50/50 split of any revenue made. This dude just decided to make a design and advertise it to a niche audience lol
  14. What's the big deal about net neutrality. I realise you could control information but at the end of the day the infrastructure belongs to/ is licensed by the isp. Shouldn't they have the final say on how much bandwidth every site is allowed?

    1. Mufasa


      Government controls private industry to ensure fairness in all sorts of ways. And they should.

  15. Islam and the Theory of Evolution

    Why do people have tailbones