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    Root Canal treatment :(

    I've had root canal. It's fine tbh and doesn't hurt. Miswak won't do anything as the infection has gone to the root of Ur tooth ie below the surface ie u need to drill a hole to get there.
  2. superman

    Thread Al-3rabi

    Ahlan wa sahlan bikum, Hadha thread al-3rabi li Talibaan allughati al3rab. Hadha thread li musaa3idati wa ureedu an atakalam bi-lughati al-3rab. Li taaliban jadeedan wa qadeeman.
  3. superman

    Thread Al-3rabi

    Its funny that 8 months ago I was about to learn about hollow verbs. Something must have happened because I only started learning hollow verbs last month. To be fair they aren't so bad and a lot of the fear surrounding them is over exaggerated. I used to have the attitude that I could learn sound verbs and ignore hollow/defective verbs for later. The truth is that around half of verbs used in texts are hollow or defective so you should absolutely learn them as soon as possible.
  4. superman

    Name your future children...!?

    Mods can look at edit history
  5. superman

    A book about Islam and Science?

    Interesting coming from a physicist. What are these predictions you speak of
  6. superman

    Understanding Poetry

    That argument was funny lol
  7. superman

    Here to Promote Learning Arabic

    Do not click external links like this, especially when the URL is being covered up.
  8. superman

    What do you want out of a lecture/lecturer?

    I feel like course content is often dumbed down to accommodate laziness... At the end of the day the hard-working lot are getting punished by such actions as they cant be pushed as much as they'd like to be
  9. superman

    What do you want out of a lecture/lecturer?

  10. superman

    What do you want out of a lecture/lecturer?

    Haku is part of the established. All these proffs r fed lies about round earth it's lyk a religion
  11. superman

    What do you want out of a lecture/lecturer?

    Same. Proffs wouldn't look at my claim that general relativity was wrong and that the earth is flat
  12. superman

    What do you want out of a lecture/lecturer?

    Everything we sense goes through our head first. As beings we never directly interact with reality, the computer in our head does
  13. superman

    Funny Moments at Speakers Corner!

    I don't understand the relevance of this in accordance to what you quoted
  14. superman

    Funny Moments at Speakers Corner!

    There was some drama between dawah man and br Adnan
  15. superman

    MM Awards 2024

    I think we shud hav mm awards again
  16. superman

    Random Islamic Questions

    U can c his butt
  17. superman

    MM Awards 2024

    categories: best mmer worst mmer
  18. superman

    MM Awards 2024

    alright ill collect the votes
  19. superman

    Schellings Model

    Check out this video on Schellings Model. It's a sociological model that tries to emulate social segregation based on race, wealth inequality etc.. I encourage everyone to watch the whole video. https://www.coursera.org/learn/model-thinking/lecture/1qEBU/schellings-segregation-model In essence the model shows that even a slight preference of individuals living with a similar race can lead to (relatively) huge levels of segregation on the macro level. In fact the model predicts that if individuals are incredibly racist then we don't get segregation at all. Now it should be noted that this model is based on extreme simplifications and it may or may not shed light on real segregation in the world - but despite a few simple rules the results are quite impressive.
  20. superman

    What are you reading?

    Has anyone read Redwall - which 1 is a good 1 2 read
  21. superman


    salam its me superman/spud. I basically had exams so I changed my password to a random combination and threw it away so I wouldn't be tempted to log on. So yea I had to make a new account. I thought I'd decide to troll mo but it didn't really work lol, he is too patient mA. Also, I don't like this new layout and the fact that there is no chat.
  22. superman

    Cubster's Eating Records

    that sounds like really good progress. But be careful of pizza, burger chips etc.. Not because they are fattening but because they will cause you to build up plaque in your arteries and you will suffer from a range of issues later in life. The worst thing about plaque is that you can't get rid of it so the best way to avoid a heart attack is to eat healthy from day 1.
  23. superman

    Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    Isn't this like asking weather or not it's halal to buy a winning lottery ticket?
  24. superman

    Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    Do you actually believe people who consume bitcoin are willing to pay those crazy prices for it - or do you think the prices are being driven up by excited investors such as yourself. That will determine weather or not bitcoins a bubble.