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  1. This was a time when I wasn t praying but now I am re-establishing the prayer and performing salah 5x a day on a daily basis. However, my profession as a Bus driver makes that hard at times due to transporting passenger and not being allowed to make stops. I m certain that prayer was invalid since it was improper does it make me a nonbeliever and do I have to retake my shahadah? If I do, it s okay, I m willing to do anything for Allah. I only did that one time because I was already out of practice and was lazy to perform proper salat and had forgotten the Al-fatiha. I noticed that my life has been garbage the last 2 years when I had abandoned the prayer. Bad stuff happened left and right to me so frequently and all people said was it's just life. Now, I'm returning to the prayer not only to expect my life the be better but to prove my faith to Allah. Allahu Akbar!