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  1. Listening to...

    I'm a superhero.
  2. Listening to...

    How do you make all the pain go away?
  3. Listening to...

    Must hear!
  4. Listening to...

    Chills & evil.
  5. Listening to...

    MUST HEAR!!!
  6. Listening to...

    F#€&ing so many memories from listening to this song!
  7. Listening to...

  8. Listening to...

    6 years ago. Where did it all go? Builds up at 1:24 Best bit at 4:30
  9. Listening to...

    Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree?
  10. Listening to...

    Nobody can stop us, let the body move on. Curiosity multiplied one million times. So we are the mega, mega, mega! Denji Sentai Megaranger! This actually reminds me of the school days. Namely when I was 14/15.
  11. Last film you watched?

    Apocalypto. I really like this movie.
  12. Listening to...

    I wished that that summer vacation of 2007 never ended.