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  1. Last film you watched?

    Apocalypto. I really like this movie.
  2. Listening to...

    I wished that that summer vacation of 2007 never ended.
  3. Listening to...

    I actually liked this Power Rangers, 1999/2000.
  4. Last film you watched?

    Now watch... Doom 2005.
  5. Last film you watched?

    Rec 4 Apocalypse. Rec 2 Planet of the Apes 2001
  6. Listening to...

    What a dumb question.
  7. Listening to...

    I loved this game; especially this soundtrack.
  8. Listening to...

    Hurts. <3 I remember it too. First heard it on a Sky Movies advert. End of August something of 2010. Then searched it up & found the full song. Those were some special days & this song made those times particularly memorable.
  9. Listening to...

    A trailer.. just to give you an idea. I must admit that the english dub certainly doesn't do it much justice because it's a Japanese anime.
  10. Listening to...

    If you've watched the anime. Blue Submarine 6.
  11. Listening to...

    This was when I returned to MM on October '11.
  12. Listening to...

    This is me, the invincible, defeating the greatest ancient evil of all time.