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    A trailer.. just to give you an idea. I must admit that the english dub certainly doesn't do it much justice because it's a Japanese anime.
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    If you've watched the anime. Blue Submarine 6.
  3. Do you suffer from acid reflux in your gut? This video might help to explain how and why it happens. And what you can do to treat it.
  4. Listening to...

    This was when I returned to MM on October '11.
  5. Listening to...

    This is me, the invincible, defeating the greatest ancient evil of all time.
  6. Listening to...

    Back when I was in AS, March of 2003. Age 16.
  7. Listening to...

    Once again. I found this song on another Dragon ball Z Gohan tribute AMV. Which has regretfully been deleted.
  8. Listening to...

    Strictly speaking. I found this song on a Dragon ball Z AMV tribute to Gohan (SSJ2 Gohan vs frustrated Perfect Cell Battle video).
  9. Listening to...

    September 2008. Before.. I even touched.. Metal Gear Solid.
  10. Listening to...

    Otherwise skip to 1:55 for the best part.