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  1. Hi guys! I hope you're doing great. I don't know if this belongs in the Q&A section, but since it's a question I'll just leave it here Do you have any recommendations for books about Islam and science? Or scientific articles that support Islam practices (such as fasting, praying, faith...)? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, First of all, thank you for your kind replies. I was scared of sharing my story and being "judged" or having very negative feedbacks. So thank you. I've been reading your comments and thinking a lot. Truth is, I always forget how hard it must be for someone who didn't grow up in a "religious" environment to understand Islam and to commit to its practices (it is sometimes hard for me too actually), and having my family ask me every time "is your husband ready for Ramadan? Is he gonna do it? He HAS to do it... Etc" just puts more pressure on me, but I don't want to be unkind to him and I definitely don't want to pressure him... I care much more about his afterlife than about what people might think (even though these "people" are my family, so it does affect me...). I just have this feeling that God knows what's in the heart and I believe Islam is about being kind and supportive and patient. I wish my family could understand that. Anyway, I certainly won't lie to them. If he's not ready to do Ramadan this year, then he's not. There isn't much I can do about it right now. I think that, first, I'm going to focus on my own practice (not skip prayers, not get angry...etc). And then, when it's time, I'll try to have a heart-to-heart with him about this topic. Inshallah he will listen and understand Thank you again for your kind messages and for your wishes!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here, I'm not sure what to start with, but here's my situation : I got married few months ago with a wonderful man. He's honest, kind, respectful, he always helps people, gives charity, he wouldn't harm anyone (not even with words). He really is a good guy. However, the main reason he converted was to be able to get married with me. He always says he doesn't like "religions" (he grew up being Christian but gave it up years ago because he wasn't convinced at all by the Bible..), that they are misused, manipulative, and that there too many things he disagrees with. He doesn't say that about Islam (probably out of respect) but I'm sure he thinks the same. He does believe in God, he just thinks religions might have been manipulated by "men" and he's not sure he can embrace everything in Islam. He's admirable by many many things in Islam though (if not most of it) and he does believe in prophets. Truth is, from my point of view, he shares the same values as Islam. He's very healthy, he doesn't drink or smoke (he never liked it, even before converting), he stopped eating pork, he's a hard-working person and as I said earlier, he really is a honest, generous and good person. However, he doesn't pray (but my brothers born Muslim don't neither, and I'm not very disciplined myself, so can I really blame him/judge him?) and he keeps saying that he doesn't understand the purpose of Ramadan for someone who has no addiction or bad habits and who tries everyday to do good. He also thinks it's not healthy to fast from 6am to 9-10pm while working from 8am to 6pm + 3hours of public transportation...actually he thinks spending the whole day without drinking nor eating is simply unhealthy and that it's hypocrisy to say the opposite when in my country people work less hours in ramadan, sleep a couple of hours during the afternoon and eat too much and unhealthy food in Iftar... I am planning on doing Ramadan, like I always did (somehow, in my country Ramadan has more "importance" than praying, socially). And I read on many forums that a new convert shouldn't be forced into practicing, that it's okay to do it little by little over years, and that one should actually start by its own person and "lead by example", but I'm very scared he would never be convinced by fasting Ramadan... Can I have your insights on this topic please? Thank you!
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