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  1. Only one of them could deny that problem. If anyone experiences problems with those, write here. I have been dealing with them for many years.
  2. 😁. Ganstalking, believe it or not, is none the less than grouping of the same individual, amongst people that have damaged their etheric body, causing there a place for Satan to talk and to use them. The groupings go from fully inconscient to fully conscient, depending on their involvement with Satan. Zionists, host Satan as a king: Most of them have ABSOLUTELY no problem with his acts, and, even, according to the book Revelation 17:17, they have given their will to him. Really, they have zero problem with him, but when comes the time, those that do not repent, will pay the price, fully, for their actions. Take refuge in prayer, take refuge in the community.
  3. Hope you're still alive. Those are mainly zionists, aided by subdued followers. Don't even bother to document their acts, because they vary from one individual to another. Keep healthy, don't be alarmed, or uttered, I am seasoned about their attacks. Know that as long as you stay within the law given by Allah, you are safe. Further more, it is of no use to argue: Actually, one of the first things they seek is for you to act out. Remember we are all humans. About your friends, I kind of went through the same thing; I had to leave all my friends. Deepen your bonds with the community by finding men children(One common trait, and that is not prejudice, just a characteristic, they have all their hair) who have strong values. Fasting has helped me a lot. Two to five days of water fast. Inch'Allah.
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