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  1. Thank you, I appreciate the response. I understand that however the thread upset me and so I felt like I should speak out. Out of curiosity (I'm not trying to antagonise you - I'm just curious) if you're skeptical of psychiatry how would you suggest someone with an eating disorder or another mental illness should get help?
  2. So... I've wanted to join a muslim forum aimed at young people since its Ramadhan to get a bit closer to my faith... Before I joined I had a bit of a browse of Maniac Muslim, I liked it - then I saw this thread. As someone currently suffering from bulimia, naturally this caught my attention when I was having a browse. I just wanted you to know this thread has just made me really upset. I know this thread was created a while ago, but the amount of jokes and insensitive comments people have posted is frankly ridiculous. I get that people are unaware and ignorant about this issue - but trust me - it really is an issue in our communities. Western or not. And why should we shame people who have this mental health problem by saying its haraam? This forum seems fairly active - do you honestly believe every single member has not suffered from mental health issues? Do you honestly believe that no member would of ever starved themselves, or purged, or even self harmed? Let me tell you one thing - Ramadhan is extremely difficult for someone with an eating disorder. And eating disorders don't just go away, they aren't just a phase and people do need help to recover. Bulimia is so very easy to hide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VU1GeB52JxQ&t=1130s - This is a brilliant video which brings light to the situation. I don't think I'll be becoming an active part of this community unfortunately because of this thread. But I really hope my reply will help people just think before they post especially about sensitive issues like this. Hi, if you'd like to have a chat feel free to PM me - I've been bulimic on/off for 13 years, and its definitely not just about the fact it'll make you thin (majority of time bulimia doesn't!). You are not a bad muslim and you are going through a mental illness - you wouldn't say someones a bad muslim because they can't stand up and pray because they've broken a leg. It's the same concept. Hope your ok and ramadhan is going well - I'm finding it difficult this year.
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