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  1. I purchased their Economy Package for Hajj 2019 and it was great. The hotel in Makkah, IBIS Styles was clean, nice and had great food. It also had shuttle service to Haram. I really enjoyed that I did not have huge crowds of people out front the hotel. The hotel in Madinah, was right next to Masjid El Nawabi and exactly what was advertised. They did a great job all around from all the questions I had before Hajj to my departure from Jeddah, everything was well handled. EZ Hajj Groups Hajj Packages Cheapest Hajj Packages from USA Best Hajj Packages from USA Hajj 2020
  2. I have found the best Hajj Packages for newly married couples, Economy Hajj Package This company offers the cheapest Hajj Packages from the US and they are very organized and of high quality. Would definitely, check them out.
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