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  1. I have it and I'm on Chapter 5. If you can live with it being linear, the game has awesome graphics/cut scenes and the combat system is pretty complex.
  2. so then why post on my page?

    there are statuses for a reason bhai...

  3. naw you don't need to feel obligated to reply, its just random talk from my random self.

  4. also, do you even care if i reply or not? cuz every time you post a comment, it's a totally new story that has nothing to do with what i say.


    and you know it's really not necessary for you to report to me random events of your life every few hours...

    anyway, don't even question it. free ♥♥♥♥ is hard to come by. don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

    also, clam down?! from where will you find your video game inspiration?

  6. alhamdulillah, mein bhi. yeh cheeez!

  7. hello apple pie. kaisa hain aap?

  8. Paan masala flavor? Wow I can't even believe they have that!
  9. man my parents were watching My name is Khan yesterday and i was upstairs reading a book. it was annoying the heck outta me! so yeah, bollywood needs to clam down. not calm down, but CLAM DOWN!

  10. just picked up Yakuza 3 and needs to CLAM DOWN. yes, "clam" down.

  11. so my cousin and my brother managed to somehow get free ice creams from dairy queen. i must investigate into whether hussies were involved in this transaction. in the meantime, i will enjoy the free ice cream that they brought home for me.

  12. 1. thank oyu for sharing with me your delightful morning-time thought process.

    2. LMAOO I LOVE THAT ONE! When I first saw it I was thinking of posting it here, but then I thought better...

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