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  1. Gardening

    you are funny guy very much your humor is appreciate from me my good sir. eggplant wow it is fantastically mind blasting where you come with this buetiful things!! !!! !!! Waaaaaah waaaaah Taaaliyyaaa taaliyyaaa taaliyyaaa comedy person of year for sure wow
  2. How to write for dummies. Halp.

    lol u wasteman
  3. How to write for dummies. Halp.

    u can make it more interesting by reading a book about it lol wens ur exam anyway
  4. How to write for dummies. Halp.

    making it interesting isnt about remembering facts. its how you structure your essay. if you can get into a comfortable flow, your essay will read better and you might get more marks. if you do something rigid mans gna get bored
  5. How to write for dummies. Halp.

    cant you make it more interesting than that
  6. How to write for dummies. Halp.

    and pick up a decent psychology book, i found after reading text books on physics, i began to emulate that style without really realising
  7. How to write for dummies. Halp.

    yh well no wonder u cant write
  8. Hmm, i just checked my ignore list, and I have no idea why you were on that list :S must be a mistake!! Anyway hope you are well inshaAllah

  9. chat banned for 2 yrs lol

    1. Summer.Haze


      Has it been that long? Seems like you were gone for a day. =P

    2. '_SkyWalker_'
    3. FATTII


      congratz on your 2nd anniversary

  10. Job Advice/Rants

    mo' money mo' problems
  11. Job Advice/Rants

    Farie's story at work is the kind of thing I expect to see on the one show lol
  12. Brasil 2014!

    why rnt u supporting England
  13. Ask me how much work I did today.

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    2. Yaya


      you mean perpendicular?

    3. Yaya


      or are you complementing me

    4. Hijab


      I am too afraid to ask ? :P

  14. School Rant Thread

    To be honest America has some of the best unis in the world. But I noticed MIT has quite a few professors from other countries, so maybe their high schools just suck. UK secondary schools aren't exactly the best though. Maths is okay, but the syllabus really sucks when it comes to teaching science.