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    hockey.<br /><br /><br />with a side order of hockey.<br /><br /><br />oh and life.
  1. Aaah, Algonquin, good memories there. are you guys going on a hiking trail or are you gonna stay at one campspot?
  2. good stuff y'all, brings back memories i'll throw in my contribution soon
  3. haha fusion frenzy, cute mine is guitar hero 2
  4. incubus, "pantomime" and kiss, "new york groove"
  5. i missed the Q&A panel at the end of last night :'(
  6. thank you, it's from the animatrix :) episode titled "the kid", i think..

  7. wow i love ur avvie. its cool

  8. ^ smooth criminal haha i just remembered how shocked Moslem and i were to see eachother at muslimfest a couple of months ago, even though it was practically in my neighbourhood hahaha
  9. hahaha, DUDE, this was such a monumental coincidence that it actually was an event of sorts my own forum would be pretty cool though
  10. i randomly ran into mira and Moslem yesterday .. .... in indianapolis (us three live in the toronto area btw) so yeah, i was there chilling for the weekend and Moslem and mira were there on MYNA business, and we ran into eachother at the airport. it was even more random because we weren't even on the same flight, and their flight was actually going through chicago, but we were still assigned to the same gate for some reason. quite possibly the most random thing that has ever happened to me, i think.. hahah i was actually walking towards them cuz there were some empty seats around in their area, and then Moslem suddenly recognized me and yelled my name. i was so shocked to see her, i can't even describe it! so yeah.
  11. ^ dua on! Hamid says: vanting to meeting today? rafey.ca || refused says: vanting you? rafey.ca || refused says: vanting me. Hamid says: vanting me to do yes rafey.ca || refused says: zeeshan vanting yes no? Hamid says: zeeshan vanting no no Hamid says: vait Hamid says: yes yes? rafey.ca || refused says: aks zeeshan vanting yes no rafey.ca || refused says: zeeshan rafey.ca || refused says: vanting meeting yes no? Hamid says: zeeshan vanting yes? zeeshan.ca says: meh? zeeshan.ca says: today? sure rafey.ca || refused says: meeting yes? yes vanting? zeeshan.ca says: yes yes rafey.ca || refused says: zeeshan vanting yes yes Hamid says: zeeshan vanting yes yes? zeeshan.ca says: o.o rafey.ca || refused says: yes Hamid says: nice nice rafey.ca || refused says: vanting videocamera yes no? Hamid says: anyone having printer in home? zeeshan.ca says: yesyes zeeshan.ca says: and yesyes Hamid says: nice nice Hamid says: i need printing yes yes zeeshan.ca says: anyone having car in home? rafey.ca || refused says: not vanting zeeshan home Hamid says: not zeeshaning inside home? rafey.ca || refused says: no car in home zeeshan.ca says: outside home? Hamid says: bus home? rafey.ca || refused says: no car inside outside home zeeshan.ca says: egh. Hamid says: (sheep emoticon) giraff giraff ...etc
  12. Tosh[416-845-1452] says: whats happenin tomorrow? just pizza? rafey.ca || shame on you for thinking you're an exception says: pizza, movie, dessert rafey.ca || shame on you for thinking you're an exception says: *desert rafey.ca || shame on you for thinking you're an exception says: desert or dessert? rafey.ca || shame on you for thinking you're an exception says: worst words ever.
  13. sarah slean, "comfortably numb (pink floyd cover)"
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