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    striving to help the ummah of Muhammed (S) in all ways possible :)
  1. caligirl

    Serving guests

    So....who do you think should serve guests? The husband or the wife....or take turns? I think its only fair if they take turns. Like if guests come over, why does the woman have to serve the guests in desi/ arab culture? Why are there so many effing zombies girls in this world?--they just do what society tells them to do.
  2. caligirl

    Salaam to opposite sex?

    Why do some girls always worry about being called a slut, etc. It's so stupid!
  3. Thanks, astera for bringing this up!
  4. caligirl

    Smooth Muslim

    I'm a smooth Muslim . Cool video guys just next time try to act a bit older.
  5. caligirl

    Your thoughts on Medicine

    Dawud, you need to apologize for such an inappropriate subtitle. Audu Bilah should only be said to something haram. Jazak'Allah khair.
  6. caligirl

    Annoying airline passenger

    cough*that wasn't funny*cough
  7. caligirl

    I've duuuuun it!

    I'm jealous--but in a good way (the only good type of jealousy)
  8. happy b-day! have a good one :)

  9. 52nd birthday happy fall year down

  10. Happy Birthday! :D Hope u have a great day! :)

  11. happy birthday!!

  12. Salaam....

    happy 52nd birthday!!!!!

  13. Happy Birthday!!!

  14. Happy birthday! :)