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  1. So....who do you think should serve guests? The husband or the wife....or take turns? I think its only fair if they take turns. Like if guests come over, why does the woman have to serve the guests in desi/ arab culture? Why are there so many effing zombies girls in this world?--they just do what society tells them to do.
  2. Why do some girls always worry about being called a slut, etc. It's so stupid!
  3. I'm a smooth Muslim . Cool video guys just next time try to act a bit older.
  4. Dawud, you need to apologize for such an inappropriate subtitle. Audu Bilah should only be said to something haram. Jazak'Allah khair.
  5. cough*that wasn't funny*cough
  6. I'm jealous--but in a good way (the only good type of jealousy)
  7. happy b-day! have a good one :)

  8. 52nd birthday happy fall year down

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    happy 52nd birthday!!!!!

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