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  1. Salaamullahi alayk,hello old friend.. subhanAllah its nice to nice that things are pretty much the same around here..although technically i've got a lot of relearning to do with all these new interior changes.. mashaAllah its been almost two years, i believe?.. inshaAllah catch up with thee soon

  2. happy 20th!! haha not a teen anymore =P


  4. Don Goleone! Happy Bday! =D

  5. Up until now, I've mostly stood back and read all the posts on this thread looking for a few posts that actually shine out at me and I've gotta say, some actually hit me. I'm actually in exactly the same position as your friend extempers. As bad as it is for me to say so, I don't feel it anymore, the need to pray, read Qur'an etc. This has been going on for quite a while, which kinda explains why i became inactive from MM for such a long period. My parents even confronted me about this, how they don't see me pray anymore with the exception of one jummah prayer in a week. Truth is I didn't have much of an answer for them. Any forceful attempt to make me pray only pushed me further away. Occasionally, I would feel it trying to come back, I would even make dua that my imaan was strengthened again. I needed something to give me the push back. I kinda figured that since I have a few friends coming back from Hajj, they'd persuade me back in to the whole praying routine, but wouldn't that create a dependency on others? Not something I'm a fan of...yesterday I found that youtube link I posted previously just lying there in my bookmarks, something my lil bro gave me to watch a while back. Sadly, I could really relate, death approaching him while he was listening to music over the azaan (not that I dislike the azaan, I'll listen to it if it comes on but it won't persuade me to pray), music's also back in my life, but that link created a fear...a fear of imminent death, the punishment of the grave, the hellfire and Allah. Alhamdulillah, I did read the rest of my prayers yesterday after watching it, but when you carry on keeping yourself busy, you tend to forget. Again I needed something to spark that fear or hope again. Your last post bro Dawud did it for me. I just went on the islamchannel website to check the prayer times and again like yesterday, I found something that sealed the push. Yesterday I found an ayah from the Qur'an, telling us to pray and of Allah SWT's mercy and forgiveness. Today it was this: 'All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing'. - This would apply to extemper's previous post and in turn applies to me. Making a habit to start again might take time though. This ended up as a long post, but all I wanted to say was Jazak'Allahu khair for those posts. Don't stop, 'cause I still need them. I'll be watching over this thread.
  6. lol hey louie, only came back to make one post for extempers on his thread, since i'm kinda in the same position as his friend. Hope all's well with you, i'm gonna go pray and revise, chat to ya later, take care. =]

  7. Extempers: Tell her to watch THIS alone and with no interruptions. It's in arabic but she'll still understand.
  8. hahahahah bro...that's hilarious so you thought iw as a random brother at first lol!!!! how weird would that be hahahaha....but yeah how was your eid? mine was alright- the only bad thing was the weather (snowing like hell!!) .....spend it with family, ate so much sweets too (thats why i love eid*smirks*)

  9. lol wasalaams, khair mubarak dude, im all good alhamdulillah, can't say im used to getting hugged and kissed by a brother lol


    i just realised who you areeeeeee... MO!!!!!!!!! how you been bro? *hugs back* lol how was your eid??

  10. salam bro eid mubarak !!! *hug*....*kiss*...*runs for his life* hahaha. you ok? :P

  11. lol nice way to expose me like that, i should've pointed out that i don't study medicine, either way, maths is gonna be useful, especially in comparison to psychology.
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