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  1. HI!!! whens the last time youve been on here?? haha

  2. It says you're not able to participate or something weird like that. Idk what that means..lol

  3. oh right lol.

    erm - no, didn't get your PM.

    (send it again)

  4. It's actually in the Midwest! So it's almost right smack dab in the middle of the country :) did you get my PM btw?

  5. interesting.

    i noticed you live in missouri, which is toward the east of US. which means the time difference isn't all that much.

  6. I totally feel ya

    Wow there's only a 6 hr difference? Hmm, I thought it was more! It's 5:11 here

  7. what time is it over there?

  8. 11:08pm - and yea i agree dominos is better than pizza hut. i bought 2 pizzas from pizza hut 2 weeks ago, which tasted like sh*t, i could cry.

  9. Yea, Dominoes isn't all that great. But it's a lot better than Pizza Hut in my opinion. Papa John's is held at the same regard as Dominoes for me!

    What time is it over there??

  10. plain magherita (no topping actuall) because they're not halal. i like dominos too but it's not ALL THAT or anything, just decent at best. i was going to order from papa johns a while ago, but i felt full from eating dominos 3 hrs earlier lol.

  11. What toppings did you get? I love Dominoes Pizza!

  12. ordered from dominos and it was decent lol.

  13. Hahaha oooh what kinda pizza did you get?

  14. try and remember. :)

  15. feel-stuffed-ate-pizza-cant-do-sh*t-please-help-me-out-mr-nice-hat.

    ugh, no. ;P

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