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  1. happy 17th b-day sweets.

  2. wow, it's been 1 yr exactly since I last posted and almost the same time too. Happy Birthday! Hope u have a lovely day & yr. :D


    You called my niqaabi snow woman hilariously beautiful, remember? :P

  4. ^ wow, i dont think these ppl get get ay nicer haha, duude!! EVERYONE heres a newbie to me... seriously... ure onl not a newbie if u were her like, when was i a member? A year or so ago... maybe more anyways S A M I O SAMIO SAMIO
  5. Woaahh... *flash back* *memories* COEUR IISSOOLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! AAAAHHHH!!! Okay...lets get one thing straight though so when my resultts come out crap no one says.. But u were studying soo haardd!!! U guysss!! I am like 50 DAYS (okay 2 weeks) behind my revison schedule and and... and yea... i just dont come on teh net anymore cause lifes busy wih SLEEPING and i watch more tv than i used to and yea... parties so i WISH i wa studying as hard u guys think i am But seriously ... keep teh duaas up my ladies... i NEEED em... and oh my Alllaahh i dont even remmemebr writing that levaing post?!?!? How weird... and .. sigh my sats pls... that was just stupid... i wasted so much precious time revising for those Dude, ill talk to u soon on msn inshaAllah yea... i got ure message as well, same with miss samiooooo... JazakAllah khair for those made me laugh made my day THE PARTY!!! I remembeer thaaaatt!! the MMXX*age* partiesss we had.. or more liek were supposed to have awww... so sad... miss it but... its 12 30am i best be going jazakAllah khair to eliwen,tinkerbell, ribena Berry and twighlight zone.. we've never met b4 but u guys seem like awsome newbies... u have fun.. its a good place.. wa alikum salaam wa rahumtallah wa barakatu hu P.S Ahhhhhh the smilliess!!! Im still obsessed with these!! Best things EVER!! ok... im gone im gone

  7. Happy Birthday dear! Hope it's a good one. :D

  8. Only because Allah SWT made ithappen, it did not happen by itself right? That was my point. My apologies for the misunderstanding.
  9. Aww no no da'waa intended... but okay point understood. My apologies to SickOfItAll if you were offended... Ok so let me rephrase... Right well basically you've converted from Islam to atheism oui? Now first i was a bit confused cause usually if someone leaves Islam, it is usually to another religion which still has the concept of God and atleats the religion tries to make sense; thus the person has committed shirk and thats that for him/her. However you have not committed shirk yet... which i see as another chance for you, which is a REALLY good thing, thus my congratulations. Ok my question.. Right and teh real reasons is that there was this huge bang that created the sun and he moon and tilted the earth at its axis to create seasons and the universe is just made in this perfect way where everything just happens to fit together? Oui? Is that what you mean by the 'real reaosn'? Ok now which one is more possible... 1. That our bodies, teh system of day and night, the seasons, the animals, the plants reproduction system (i just think the way they reproduce is facinating btw) was all put together and created by Allah SWT, THE Creator. OR 2. All these atoms and what not were floating around and suddenly something just exploded and out came the universe and all these cells just fitted into our body so perfectly and basically the circle of life was created due to an explosion. (Correct me if im wrong btw, i havnt looked into the big Bang theory or atheism much ) Both Ahmed Deedat and Zakir Naik wrote a book on scince in teh Quraan and ahmed deedat's one was made into a video. Pretty kwl, very well shown. Basically it was how everything scince is finding out today was alreday stated in teh Quraan 1400 years back. Proving that 1 The prophet PBUH could not have written the Quraan because noone knew about all that yet and 2. that Allah swt does exist I think that was one of the lectures i was going to send to SickOfItAll ..
  10. Ouuu u knwo what i just realised, that you went into the whole 'athiesm' business... I mean, you havnt comminted shirk!! WELL DONE!! Ok so its okay right cause inshaAllah when/if you come back, you'll still be forgivven (if ALlh wills ofcourse) Unless Allah SWT has chosen you to be the misguided... ouch... then we have a problem there cause whoever Allah SWT guides astray noone can guide aright and whoever Allah SWT guides aright noone can guide astray.
  11. ROFL Im sorry... dude, you just crack me up. Dont have time to read all 5 pages, mashaAllah so many posts.. Uhh... Good luck finding peace in being an athiest.. Oh and... May Allah SWT have mercy on you when you finally meet him. May he have mercy on us all... Ameen. Oh and erm, as everyones suggesting things for you to read... i'd actually like to send you 2 lectures. No reading involved.. yaaay. So will do asap inshaAllah
  12. NOOOOOO ugh... Right... it would have been really really rude and disrespectful to teh other team if we just decided to walk off like that!! I mean, its not like england did naything did they?!?! It was the empire. So if we just walke doff there itd be like... you all suck... we dont wanna play anymore when acctuuallyyyyy all they wanted to say was you empires suck... we dont wanna play anymore.. Who did that dance this tiem? I think it was Danish right? Yea it cracke dme up, first tiem ive seen it though Ah wow, you were exactly right! We didnt kow, and they arrree unpredictable!! Sigh, ah well we still have the ODs... INSHAALLLAAAHH!!! Oh and ure du'aa came true.. Yusuf OWNEEDD!! MashaAllah Wow, you really are addicted to sports. haha What was i saying? Oh yea... You're actually CONFUSEDDD about who to go for!?!?!? Duudddee... You will always be pakistani, whocares if uve lived in engalnd all ure life. Pakistan all the waayy!!! Wait... you are Pakistani right?
  13. You know, that is an excellent point made you just made right there cause i just realised that is exactly what i say. But you see, wheni think about it, there is a difference between 'having' to wear and being 'forced ' to wear it. For example, the parents are allowed to hit the child if he/she does not start praying by the time they hit puberty, the wife is allowed to leave the husband if he does not pray and vice versa. Now that i would say is being forced to do do something. On the other hand, if a woman does not wear hijaab no one is allowed to hit her because of it. So she can never be 'forced', but that doesnt mean she does not have to; because as you said, if she does not wear it, she has mor chanches of ending up in jahannam. So basically, when the girls say, "no we had a choice we were not forced", we're talking about being forced mentally or physically which a lot of girls are. ^Did you get that... sigh... im bad with words Oh and Farrah, all three the posts ypu posted. I agree with them completely. 1st one, the article... subhanAllah. 2nd one, i actually thought that this discussion had no use but then i understood what you meant so yea, i agree with you now and lastly... Some very good advice. And i just learned a new hadeeth alhamdullialh... Welcome to the thread, im sure you'll make a lot of threads worth reading inshaAllah
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