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  1. Hooray! Happy Birthday!

  2. Mooooooooooooriam.

  3. Philosophy sucks :(

    1. Somnambulism


      Disagreed. What are you studying?

    2. Gulnara986
    3. Pomak




      Why are you taking it?

  4. How about BRUSHING to music?!?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4MGt_SV954
  5. They'll get over it. It not like they aren't going to get all the benefits of being old and keeping us youngins around to pay off their debt.
  6. All I got from this thread is that shavey wants to get married! Can't you at least put the right amount of asterisks? I was really trying to find words that fit
  7. HALEH JOON!!!! I've missed you my love!!!! Let's celebrate!!! Cookies for everyoneeeee!
  8. This is really horrible. With so many people losing jobs and homes in this country you would hope and think that we would all have a little sympathy towards one another.
  9. Nobody missed me?? Too bad, because I missed you all!! There are so many new people and name changes that I don't know who is who. Well, I'm back (for now)! So let's get the party started!!
  10. Salam Iqbal!! How are thing's on the other side of the pond? Inshallah everything is well.

  11. Have You voted in this year's MM Awards 2010? If not please follow this link : http://maniacmuslim.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23725-mm-awards-2010/

  12. Same old, same old. Haven't been able to sleep much and I feel exhausted. InshAllah your doing well!

  13. Hey hey, what's up?

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