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  1. Hooray! Happy Birthday!

  2. forget about killing muslims....isnt it a sin to kill anyone, unless its for the sake of Allah...?
  3. hoorah for sumaiya! p.s ham = haraam music = haraam now shut up you punks...
  4. lol im not a busy bodyyy!!! it was jus dat day init =P me is alwayz online!! you will find the 'angel' online on thursday- saturday but unfortunatly not early mornings as she will be sleeping but please feel free to leave a message =P!!! its a date saturday sometime u can pick cutieeee!!! tc xxxx!!

  5. islam online says muslim is permissible?... a few days ago i read something on there that says masturbation is permissible (or something on those lines)...whats gna be made permissible next? you need better sources than western islamic scholers (no disrespect to them) and islamonline to 'make' music permissible... plus i always thought hadith were like the next big thing after qur'an.
  6. salaam ruby :)

    haww..since when are u always online gurl!??catch you soon busybody...

    much love!


  7. he doesent know you exist!!....so stop talking about him..he doesent talk about you
  8. ice is just sooo nice and clean...i had to practically live on ice when my throat started bleeding a few years ago and after that ive just turned into an ice freak!
  9. haww..im trying to get rid of mine at the moment. (buh it jus sawnds realleh funneh when a try...)
  10. keekee its pronounced how its spelt, even in our (very cool) yorkshire accents...
  11. i think ending a little before the adhaan is actualy just precaution..i didnt know there were 2 dawns
  12. r_e_f_l_e_k_t


    LMAO sister who!.... haha! ohh man my stomach hurts keete kol jaroori jana the dude has to go somewhere important, its urgent that is the classic tp old style punjabi aj minu boht kush kita sister whooooo (?)...
  13. awesome thread! keeping your imaan strong is soo hard to maintain...in the past my imaan was at its strongest when i was feeling really depressed but lately its taken a complete u-turn because everythings going wrong and i just cant seem to keep up with anything. i just cannot WAIT for ramadhan..my mind, body and soul seriously NEEDS it!
  14. tut. i was being sarcastic.. 211 Great Horton Rd Bradford, BD7 1RP (i love google)
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