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  1. random update, palliative babies, not as sad and scary as I thought. Especially when they come with awesome families.

  2. i feel the need to tell the world what Im thinking, but I feel so limmited in being free to do so... the solution MM :). My current delima: palliative + babies = seems like an oxymoron. But alas it is a good reminder that life is that temporary.

  3. Im not sure if self-righteous is the best word for it. More like its a dream but Im doubtful about it ever becoming a reality b/c life is hectic as it is and its not like I've committed to it, as I've committed to doing hajj when the time is right. Yaa so yaa, I can't think of a word that fits that sentiment.
  4. lol, thats more reasonable. I quick google-ing led me to this. You can rent room for a month for like 60,000 yen. http://www.sakura-house.com/english/results.php#result
  5. No way! Maybe look into cheaper hotels, or rent a place. B/c your saying its equivalent to ~ $1500 a night. As a student that loads of money, seriously I can live off of that much for a whole year. If I were not a student I could make that much in 2-3 months, so I guess I would spend it on traveling or Hajj. If I were self-righteous I would take a year off work and donate the money + my time into an orphanage or hospital in Somalia.
  6. tigers, b/c their fierce!!! in terms of pets,
  7. π

    Driving is Tiring

    More car related instead of driving. But yaa... I went to start my car today but unfortunately the key just kept getting stuck in the ignition and wouldn't actually turn. I remembered that if there is a lock mechanism thing if you moved the steering wheel so then I tried moving the wheels from side to side while I tried starting the car. 20 min later I was so angry and frustrated I was wishing I knew how to hot wire a car. Eventually I felt like I looked like I was trying to jack my own car, so I left my poor baby on the street and bused home. I got my dad to drive me back to the car and he ended up being able to start it after 5 min of jiggling the key and moving the wheels, so I now have my baby back home all safe. But its still messed up .
  8. Assalamu Alaikum Owen
  9. Eid Mubarak!

    1. Miah


      Eid Mubarak to you as well! (:

  10. My first job was at a call centre. It was awesome b/c they paid well, we had 2 -15 min paid breaks and 1 - 30 min unpaid break, + 2 weeks of paid training. This was a full time gig, so $$. Unfortunately the actual job sucked so much I wanted to quit the first day we did actual calling, but my parents encouraged me to work there for the rest of the summer. I had one that went something like this Me: Hello can I speak to .... Her: (crying) .....? why do guys you keep calling for ......, are you trying to remind me that he left me? Me: ummm ----- Im sorry about that, have you tried changing the name on the account? This was the summer before grade 12, and apparently people thought I had a really young voice so many people questioned my age, and alhamdulilah most were really nice. One person thought I was their grandchild for the first few minutes, . There was one creep who tried hitting on me over the phone, and considering how almost everyone asked how old I was initially I was totally creeped out. It was for from their home phone company, and the point of the calls was to get them to sign up for the new internet / cable / or long distance plans they company had just introduced. We got paid commission on top of our regular pay + there were prizes such as laptops, wiis, and cash/giftcards at the end of the week to the highest sellers. + There were tons of nice people working there that overall it amazing, compared to other call centres I've heard of.
  11. π

    Driving is Tiring

    My unnatural fear is that my car will swerve and I'll drive right off this particular bridge and fall way down into the river. I have to drive on this bridge to get to school and or the large-nicest mosque in our city. So yaa, I have this thought very often. I use to think that whenever I go to get gas my car will blow up. b/c of a segment I saw on Oprah when I was a child. Thankfully I barely think of that anymore. ... We learnt a little about this in psych though. I don't remember if it was for OCD, or another condition. But there are people that think they've run over someone everytime they drive. Its so bad that they keep thinking theres a body under their car that their dragging. So every x amount of blocks they have to pull over and check under the car. And even if they've done that 5 times already in that 1 drive they still keep on having to do it they can't stop. And then there was the people who though of hurting their kids each time they saw/pick them up. Even though they never did / do hurt them. And that thought is soo freaky theyre afraid to hold their kids. ....
  12. ^ Fasting 3 days if you don't come through is probably a great motivator.
  13. I just noticed gmail explains why they labeled certain things as important. "Important mainly because of the people in the conversation"

    1. π


      "Important mainly because it was sent directly to you." "Important mainly because of the words in the message." and "Important mainly because you often read messages with this label." are some of the ones I've found so far.

  14. π


    my 10 year old bro got an 8 g touch today, as an advanced eid present. Man that thing is AWESOME! it will double for internet surfing, you can download apps to memorize quran... Although for the price he paid, I think it would have been better to get a cheap netbook. but I also discovered its not compatible with my old mac g5 I don't want to buy a new computer soo yaa, lol Im as conflicted as you. Although my issue is more whether I'll get a iphone or a blackberry, or skip the smart phone fad and stick with a basic cell phone
  15. π

    Driving is Tiring

    We had a rental car for a few weeks, back in 08. I think it was on 05 hatchback. That car was small, fit easily anywhere, accelerated faster than my parents '94 van.... I think thats when I fell in love with driving. Because after that few weeks all of a sudden I was confident driving anywhere alone even though I only had my learners. My parents put their foot down and I had to book my road test soon after.... and the rest as they say is history. Maybe its the fact that I did drive and nothing bad happened, and any close calls just brought me back to Allah as they made me grateful that nothing happened, + it constantly reminded me of how close death could be.... Alhamdulilah its been 3 years now and I've owned my own baby for more than a year now, so Im a lot better of a driver now with experience than I was then.
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