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  1. & I live in a granola college town surrounded by wealth which is then surrounded by relative rural poverty
  2. just for living expenses, so not including that I attend a ghastly expensive educational institution (meaning that if I lived here and had a job hat gave me money rather than a job that took my money), $4000 or less per year. I'm really creative with my living habits. And that's just for single me. If I had a spouse, no children, it would be a little less for me on average b/c I wouldn't have to buy two things of maple syrup, for instance.
  3. bleu cheese

    Zina of the heart

    waaaa, hilarious. merr.
  4. Well, I just want to say hello, friends. I don't want to take for granted that you're all going to be constantly trolling these forums and will be here whenever I happen to chance upon MM. Thanks for all that you gave me while I maintained communication with you all! S, rz, Zimi, Lupin, anyone else around. Waa, life is so funny and awesome and ridiculous and wonderful. YOU'RE wonderful. Your bodies are wonderful. Hearts realize that bodies are important, not just vessels or containers or images or manifestations of caloric intake. Bodies are beautiful, they get tired. The injustice of killing our crops with pesticides so that another Body somewhere can make a profit out of it b/c the Heart inside that body is too scared to live without confidence that it's Body will have money with which to feed and clothe itself and its loved ones, is similar to the injustice of not caring about people and not regarding them as equals. Therefore, it's important to eat things that weren't processed through injustice, therefore it's important to know about the person who grew the crop and raised the chicken and killed the chicken, and regard them all as equally honorable creatures. This way, perhaps one can counter the lack of love and respect and honor that has been doled out to various segments of our world. The way the body will then come to look will be just perfect, whatever it is. Sorry, chica. I'm glad you remember me. It warms my heart a lot. I love you.
  5. BMI told you you were a fatty b/c you have more muscle weight. Don't check those things, just live your life and intake good foods and drinks and exert till you feel a healthy, hearty tiredness, and that you can feel a healthy hunger develop before mealtimes. More on this topic later. Zimarina - missed you too! I'm surprised you remember me. So much time has elapsed. How are you? Forums are really awkward for me to be on, waa.
  6. A body that is connected with its heart, and a heart which is connected with its body. I want to log in with my real account but I don't know the password.
  7. Somehow this is awfully sad. You are very cool. But this is sad.

  8. I must my dear. you're awesome, I'll keep in touch iA :)

  9. Don't leave Ruqqaya =( *sniff*

  10. So I don’t want to make this super long or anything, but I thought it would be nice to say toodles since I’ve been a member on MM since June 11, 2005. Here’s all the usernames I’ve had (not proudly): Coeur Isolé, Ruqayyah, bleu cheese, asker, Ihya’ ar-Ruh, the mistake, apricot, and more that I can’t even think of right now. Since that June I happened to sign up on MM, I’ve done a lot of things, changed a lot as a human being (not all cuz of MM, but time is time). I spoke to a lot of you folk. Most of my posts are cringe-worthy. I don’t know quite why I am doing this, b/c a lot of you won’t remember any of this, but hey what the heck I got an hour to kill. Random highlights: The language threads, especially “Yalla! Intro to Arabic” and all of its associated versions. These were rarely followed through with; sorry about that and my crappy work ethic. I hope I helped someone out there. The, more recent, health freak threads in the sisters forum, in the nutrition forum. The self-help threads, the tips for life threads, the cooking threads, anti-procrastination, things I learned from high school. The 36 pages I spent talking to that guy whose “cousin sisters were driving him mad,” and associated conversations …don’t forget the “Who’s in the UK?” thread. Or Avogadro’s Challenge, Bio Freaks, Physics, and all those science help threads – THANK YOU to all those people who helped me out. I would not be going to the college I am going to go to without you guys. Brainstorming jillions of ideas for MM shirts (anyone remember “Do Wu-Dew” or “CoveredGirl” or “Porta-Lota, Make Every Drop Count” or “Quraniac Muslim”?) All of the miscellaneous spaz-session threads, from every spaz attack that ever existed on the face of this blessed earth, and the people who de-spazzed me. The PM’s. Oh the PMs. Schooling, fooling, everything to do with college, What Homework You Have Tonight, SATs, SAT IIs, APs and more. Random so-called religious threads—forgive me if I ever thought I knew anything. And may Allah grant you lots of understanding. There's so much more, but that's enough. What's the deal with the "Questions for MMers" thread, you ask? (The poll with "you smell" interspersed into the answer options). I wanted to see if putting in "you smell" would make people inclined to pick that choice, even against the odds of an obvious answer (can you drink water while fasting), or if it would affect a distribution of answers that should be roughly even (like Nike vs. Reebok preference). It seems you smell had no effect, so good on you for sticking to the truth! As Coeur Isolé , I was a bit hyper, a bit melodramatic. As Ihya’ ar-Ruh, I was more reserved, more collected. As asker, I was inquisitive. As bleu cheese, I was spazzy. Over the course of all this, I met a lot of people at random conventions and stuff. Always fun. Moslem, I still hope I see you at the Lake Ontario one day. R-z, you’re awesome, thanks for your help with life and physics and usool al-fiqh. Jonas, you are a funny Southern person. Zimarina, rumaysa, you are inspirational. Marla Singer, it was great bumping into you for ten seconds in Houston. DC people, long live the cherry blossoms! Sumaiya, Whisper of Peace, pi, everyone, please go far in life and be amazing. Salman, I hope your med school GPA is even higher than current gas prices. Astera, I hope one day I can try some of your food, it seems delish. British people, fish is good for you so keep eating it. Canadians, you seem like a really chill lot and inshaAllah I will be under 100 miles from Montreal so gimme a hoot or whatever sound it is that moose make if you happen to run into my woods. Asian people, best of luck. And Australians, you amaze me. Modses, entertain yourself by looking at my warn history, and feel free to merge this thread with the goodbye thread if you so desire. And to everyone, no I’m not getting married anytime soon (thank the Almighty). It was truly wonderful getting to know each and every one of you. Thank you for dealing with my stupidities, for appreciating my non-stupidities, for being there for each other and everyone in between, for being ha ha ha ha. If you have any outstanding goru ghost with me, do PM the bleu cheese account, and I will hope to come to some kind of understanding with you. I urge you all to go forward competing with each other to come closer to God, and to remember me and everyone in the Ummah that I am a part of in your prayers. Ramadan kareem! As-salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

    _ _




    Ramadhan Mubarek

  12. OMG YUCK. I threw you out when I found you in the back of the refrigerator.

  13. you really need to stop changing your name...

  14. bleu cheese

    Sa7iba Sali7a

    SALAM. I vaguely remember hearing something about you can't travel more than 70 miles or stay more than a night unless you have a ma7ram with you. If not, then you need a "sa7iba sali7a." But I can't remember anything else and I was wondering if I'm just on crack or if other people know what I'm talking about, and IF SO, to enlighten me please jAkhairannnnnn.
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