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  1. Just thought I’d say salaam, Ramadan Kareem and re-introduce myself. I was a fair fair weather user of this forum when I was 17 years old back in 2006/07 and stumbled across this forum again. Out of interest because I have kept the email address to see if it still logged in and it did! Although not sure how I feel about this username 12 years on!
  2. I saw the trailery thing that they have at the end of the show and the interviewer guy was like asking Tre whether he was argumentative or not and I thought -duh-. I don't reckon Tre will win even though he's prolly the most competent because he's difficult to get along with, I reckon that Simon will prolly win. I just wanna see Katie burn in the boardroom next week. >
  3. Tindoo_Suprise


    Is it worth buying Microsoft Office for a Mac Book? Or is Mac's own Office equivalent thingy equally good? I'm thinking of getting a Mac Book for Uni but I've only ever used Microsoft Office for my work.
  4. Apparantley if you eat oily fish the omega 3 oils from it are supposed to improve your brain function - nrly proven though you might just end up with smelly breath. Best Revision Tip : Cut off the power cable to your computer.
  5. Daily Star lmao - it's tabloid trash. Anything they write take it with a huge sack of salt.
  6. Psychology's pretty interesting especially neurobiological stuff on stress and dreaming but when I'm doing essays on Evolutionary theories I think I'm testing my "creative writing skills" rather than my psychological knowledge.
  7. Medicine is hard to get into - I had all the grades albeit I did offer "soft subjects" like Psyhcology and English instead of Maths and Physics - but yeah rejections from 3 unis one left to reject me I don't understand what Medical schools want?
  8. I dunno I live in the UK and it's supposed to be pretty hard for Muslims to get anywhere in law - especially if you have ambition to be a barrister or judge or what have you... tell me if i'm wrong
  9. ^ true - you know there's going to be some big reveal sometime in the series where Betty is actually a stunner and belongs on the cover of Vogue. But it's quite good the whole Mexican illegal immigrant storyline is pretty interesting.
  10. Aawe that doesn't come on anymore *remembers lazy Saturday mornings watching Live and Kicking and Pinky and the Brain and the Animaniacs!*
  11. I think Snape is good too but I don't think he'll kill Voldemort for Harry, only Harry can do that.. he will definitley help Harry, Harry will have to do what Dumbledore did and trust Snape.
  12. I didn't mean just netball t'was an example - I just mean going out in general and being active - apprantley Asain girls do it less.
  13. I remember reading an article on this a while back. Apprantley Pakistani girls are the most at risk of obesity because of the heavy food and the fact that Pakistani girls tend to go out less and do less stuff outside of school. It is kinda true if you ask most Asian girls what they do on the weekend it's probably unlikely that they reply " a game of netball" or whatever.
  14. Mhmm, yeah but sometimes I look at some Muslims my age and what they get up too and you think that in an Islamic country they wouldn't do that stuff because the choice just isn't there, like drinking, clubbing etc.
  15. Madrassas should seriously think about updating their "curriculum" that's assuming they bother following one with sciences and maths - there's no point in knowing the Qu'ran inside and out if you can't apply the teachings to real life.
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